“My healing will finish there”

I don’t know if you have ever been talked into something to the point where you even started to consider it even though initially you were completely against it.

My friend had been encouraged to get married in his early 20’s, everyone advised him, well, it did not happen, mid 20’s, it only intensified, ‘Get married now, it is the best time!‘. He enters 30 very soon and suddenly, they took matters into their hands, matchmaking him and blackmailing him into seeing why it is necessary to do it now rather than later.

What these people don’t know is that he has battled a horrible past of heartbreak that has webbed him in trust issues and emotional and mental trauma that causes him panic attacks. For the very right reasons, he has delayed getting into sacred union with another person in order to be delivered and healed from issues of his past.

Recently, he’s starting to think like them, feeling like; Yes, maybe I should just get married even, my healing process can finish there.

It is true that we don’t always wait to fully be before stepping into something but there are certain nonnegotiable’s that are so important for the next phase that we cannot compromise getting or learning now.

It is not the first time I would witness something similar, someone I called my older brother in the past was literally coerced into marriage because his family genuinely thought he was just wasting time, but with him too, they didn’t realise that he started noticing patterns in himself relating to domestic violence having witnessed it in the home He grew up in. This was his very valid reason to wait to deal with these patterns before marriage.

I have often sat back in deep concern, praying that these people choose/chose to drown out the noise and finish healing first.

I strongly believe that there is such a thing as premature manifestation and this can be just as dangerous as no manifestation at all.

Remember that David needed to finish his tenure tending sheep in the field before arriving at the throne, even though the anointing came several years before its manifestation.

God is never in a hurry to walk us into certain phases of life if He sees that we are not ready. Moreover, I think He puts certain consciousnesses in us so that we are not thinking we are ready when we really are not.

I just wanted to remind someone today not  to compromise the phase of shepherding just to sit on the throne that you have already been anointed for. There are several skills that shepherding must teach you that come in handy for the throne. Remember David learnt to use the sling and stone in shepherding, He also spent his free time learning to play the harp which came in handy as the first point of access he would have into the palace. For some people, shepherding period is the time to heal and unlearn.

Like my friends above, more people need to be honest of a current habit that needs to be dealt with before the next phase of life, even if it appears you are racing against time. Sometimes, drown out the noise that is causing the hurry and haste, insist on operating on God’s terms and as much as possible, insist on healing before walking into something as serious as a lifetime commitment.

The throne is guaranteed, no one could take that from David, but he had to accept the journey to the throne to be the king that he was.


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