Give free flow

I get so excited seeing new dimensions of God. Whether in nature, in the Word of God, or even in my fellow human, getting to know more about God through people and things reminds me that this journey is till we stand before Him. There is never a ‘I’ve arrived’ with God. The destination is standing before Him and hearing ‘well done good and faithful servant‘. So because of this awareness, when I hear my mind say ‘we’ve read this before’, or ‘we know that story’, or ‘we’ve received the rhema from this‘, on encountering any word or message, it is double reason for me to search it out some more because every word of God is an ever running tap, the only time it stops running is when you leave the tap, and it doesn’t mean it stopped, it just means you left.

I was led to study on Deborah some more in the last week, I find her role in the bible so significant especially for the time she lived through. Her position in Israel was only evidence of the tangible presence and anointing of God on her, because back then, credibility was not the only factor to lead a group of people that included men. In the little encounter she had with Barak, we see Barak basing His obedience to God on Deborah, even after she had told Him to attack and the Lord was going to be with Him, Barak said that if Deborah did not go with Him, He would not go and so she agreed to go but revealed the condition of that display of doubt, that the honour of the battle will go to the hands of a woman (back then, it was shame enough that you lost, but that you lost to a woman was double shame).

Barak was more concerned about the victory than the honour so he took his chances and still insisted Deborah came along. See, Thank God for His mercy that overlooks our folly sometimes. He’s such a patient teacher, letting us go at our pace until we can stand firm in faith. Which is the focus of this post, Faith.

On arrival at the battle ground, Judges 4:15 records that “At Barak’s advance, the Lord routed Sisera and all his chariots and army by the sword, and Sisera got down from his chariot and fled on foot.

The Lord did not act till Barak did. Since our action is evidence of our faith, then it is our action in faith that reveals the power of God. When we say that ‘without faith it is impossible to please God’, the displeasing thing to God there is not just about the lack of trust in Him, it is more the hindrance of His power to flow freely in the absence of faith is us.

We have largely seen having faith as being for our own good and indeed it is for our good because it is how we receive from the unseen realm, however, it is much more for the good of the entire world because our faith activates the flow of Gods power and action sometimes. This is why The move of God came only after Barak’s advance. I’ve been challenging myself to see the bigger picture when I don’t do things in faith. How it not only impacts me individually but so many other people by extension. I realise that God desires to do so much on the earth, but He, by His design is limited to the vessels He has given this world to, and so the more we open ourselves and yield to Him in faith, the more we can receive to do exploits on this side of life.

In what area are you needing to advance to give room for Gods power and presence to flow?

11 thoughts on “Give free flow

    • Fochwoman says:

      Haha, this is so interesting. I’m really moved meeting people who’ve served God for years! Further confirmation that there’s always more with God.
      I think you’re in a good place asking God “what next now?”
      And I’m certain He’ll lead you and reveal even new dimensions of Himself you’re yet to see!
      Just stay expectant! Hope yourself and your wife are also doing better now?

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  1. Odunowo Olufunmilayo says:

    Honestly, I’ve seen this at play in my life and I understand that my faith affects the outcome. I’m looking forward to yielding my imagination to God and as Nigerian’s would say “stop using my hand to do myself” 😂
    Thank you Rubie!

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  2. GG says:

    2020 was the year that truly tested my faith and I had a moment where I had to step out in faith and allow God to do His work. Nothing moved until I did, and initially it was just a decision. Making the decision to act allowed God to move to guide me in the action I needed to take. Thanks for this, makes so much sense now that I think of that time.

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