Remember ‘a broom on the teachers head’

There is a reason that some of the best teachers in any discipline get this title for things like being able to communicate with clarity and precision. Teaching is only considered impactful if those being taught have grasped the knowledge from the said teacher in the easiest way possible.

The best teachers use analogies, real life examples closest to the people they’re teaching because analogies go beyond theory and give the brain something concrete to hold on to. A person might completely forget a message but they’ll remember that the teacher carried a broom and placed on their head through the teaching and from that picture, they’ll remember other bits of the entire message. Why is this?

It’s because our eyes will catch pictorial representations of the subject matter and store them faster and longer than any word spoken.

There’s your first tip for anyone who’s a teacher of any kind.

All through my life, I’ve attributed best teacher to the Holy Spirit. I’ve given Him this title because the Holy Spirit will teach the most complicated things about God in the most simple scenarios and objects. He takes the seeming difficult subjects and He breaks it down for you using the things you’re able to best relate with.

This morning during my devotion I read this verse “Therefore, as God’s chosen people, holy and dearly loved, clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience.” Colossians 3:12

My mind kept reading the first part of it, “As Gods chosen person, holy and dearly loved…”, as I repeated it severally to myself, I found myself smiling, now why would I be smiling? It isn’t the first time I’ll hear that I’m chosen or loved of God, but the Holy Spirit gave me a flash of a game I play with my friends called ‘Articulate’. It is a team game that mirrors charades but allows the person describing the item on the card to use words and actions and not just actions as is the case of charades.

I’ve played this game with my friends for over 5 years to the point that we all know the best players of it and so when we gather to play, you’ll find people choosing the best players to be on their team, it’s often so funny because from looking at the members of a team from the start, you can tell the winners already haha.

The Holy Spirit brought this picture of the game and my friends and He said “you people choose only the best on your team, God didn’t have criteria for choosing, He just looked at you, loved you and He chose you”. Now tell me you’re not smiling!?

This is what I mean when I say the Holy Spirit is the best teacher, because just from remembering how I feel choosing my friends in Articulate, I realise that God never feels same way in choosing us because He’s under no pressure to ‘choose the best players’ because we are all best players just by virtue of the fact that He chose us! God chose us, He chose you and I! Wowww!

So when the scripture above says “As Gods chosen people, Holy and dearly loved…”, it is communicating more than words! Especially if you’ve been in a situation where you found yourself choosing based on criteria.

It is communicating a God who didn’t look at our profile or CV before giving us the job, a God who didn’t look at our height or weight before calling us loved, a God who didn’t mind our insecurities before declaring undying love over us.

So today, I hope like me you carry yourself with a consciousness of being “Gods chosen”, nothing comes close to this identity. You’re the best on the team because God chose you!

(Go on and have a happy dance!)

7 thoughts on “Remember ‘a broom on the teachers head’

  1. davidsdailydose says:

    You’ve provided plenty of food for thought.

    God doesn’t choose the best players, He chooses players best.

    You’ve inspired me to write something about being on God’s team with other believers—a team where everyone gets picked for a role!

    I plan to have the post ready for Saturday. Of course, I will tell my readers that the idea was sparked by you!!


    Liked by 1 person

    • Fochwoman says:

      Oh yayyy David!!!
      This comment brought a warm smile to my heart!
      I’m so glad it echoes with you too and I’m so looking forward to that post! Please do tell me when it’s up!
      Indeed “God chooses players best!” I love that!
      God bless you x


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