Covered by mercy

There’s a covering nature of the mercy of God that we enjoy as believers. The times when our end in a matter should be certain because of our actions and God stands in the gap, or times when God somehow relieves us of the consequence of an action even when it’s obvious we might deserve it.

The nature of Gods mercy in covering us is never to keep us in error or encourage us on an action that is wrong, but to love us into transformation as His word does. Our experience of Gods mercy will never be license for us to teach or preach heresy.

The presence of the Holy Spirit in us keeps us in check to ensure we’re not creating convictions on an act of mercy on Gods part so we don’t go around teaching people to continue in error because you enjoyed Gods mercy in that area.

I’ve had several presentations that I was ill prepared for in the past. My lack of preparation was not an absence of time but sometimes a lack of discipline and disrespect for time. In most of those cases, I stood before people and did well for someone who didn’t prepare and I came out thanking God for His mercy, not encouraging myself in my error.

If someone approached me needing help in a similar dilemma, the above cannot be a testimony to encourage them in Ill preparedness. It should be an opportunity to encourage them to do all that I didn’t do despite enjoying Gods mercy in the outcome.

I’ve heard teachers of the word teach convictions that were borne from Gods show of mercy over them and it’s hurt because the mercy wasn’t to substitute the right action.

I’ve come to learn that while my experiences can support and strengthen my convictions, they cannot be the primary source of them. Gods word must be the source and basis of every conviction I hold, teach and preach because quite frankly as believers, we will enjoy mercy in areas where there should’ve been consequence and it’s not because God is not true to His word but a case of Jesus standing in to suffer all we should have suffered.

My life must teach and draw men to God but it must not be the rule that dictates Gods laws and principles to them. Only Gods word does that, So that in the areas of my life where I erred and mercy covered me, I won’t teach it to be the right way and make Gods word a liar.

We will enjoy Gods mercy in this Christian walk but we must be cautious that we never teach Gods display of mercy as His principle, the person you’re teaching might suffer the consequence you didn’t suffer in same action and that’ll make God appear bias and unfair when in reality, the true teaching from you should’ve been not to do the particular action in the first place.

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