Taking a bow in spite

Last month I stumbled on an article about John Milton1608. God found John very early in His life and so his radical Christian life started early. He had a hunger for the body of Christ and for lost souls, so you find that a lot of His mission in life was driven by these passions through his creative abilities.

I read on, completely inspired by this man that not a lot of believers today will get to hear or read about, maybe because He captained thousands and not necessarily millions and billions that would have gained more traction. But He lived a beautiful Christian life nonetheless. The most striking thing about John was his writing style. He was a Holy Spirit inspired poet, so imagine the beautiful pieces that came from Him.

In 1652 he had become totally blind and for a poet, he seemed gravely affected because his eyes were often the stimulant to get inspiration to write. I got to that point of his story and I felt a tinge of anger. How could a man like him get blind ‘naturally’, no accident or obvious cause. I carried on reading and read a quote directly from Him; “I await the day I will give account of my one talent despite sitting in a dark world and being unable to see“.

It was the confirmation I needed for this mans deadness to himself, to still be looking forward to give account for his life despite it appearing like the one thing that would have given that account strength had somehow been taken from Him.

John Milton lived a holy life, had holy ambitions and yet was faced with a frustrating darkness caused by blindness. The writer of the article I read concluded his article saying ‘when faced with the frustrating darkness that hinders our holy ambition, we must remember that Gods purposes are always unhindered‘.

I have carried that in my heart and journal for weeks now and its coming alive each time I meditate on it, that no matter what appears to be an obstruction or hindrance to us on this side of life, for God, it is not, because His purposes are always unhindered. And we see a track record of this in this word, right from the beginning.

I think that if we carried this truth in our heart, we won’t be too moved by disappointments and hurts because they could be detours but never terminations.

No matter what the world throws at you, you must remember that because God never sees hinderances, we will still give an account before Him, so do not allow the world rob you of your full account. Like John, prepare to give your account of the one talent if the others appear to have been taken.

Photo by Isabella Mendes on Pexels.com

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