Life giving hunger

I think a big characteristic that remains unchanging while a person is on this earth is a hunger for knowledge. That quest does not ever seem to end, while the kind of knowledge desired and the intensity of it vary for people, it still remains that people everywhere seek more knowledge. One day, after a … Continue reading Life giving hunger

Strange fire

I’ve found myself so hungry to know and understand Gods ways, I’m not satisfied with living obliviously, even though I know that grace covers me even in oblivion, I want to walk with God in such a way that I can predict, or even guarantee His move, not in a way of “I know how … Continue reading Strange fire

Fake doctor

A few months ago I observed a boil on my gum, from my little science knowledge I know they often result from bacterial infections so I thought to myself that I just needed to get antibiotics. Without consulting any medical practitioner further, I went online, did my research and just asked my doctor the most … Continue reading Fake doctor

More attentive

I am definitely of the opinion that if we paid attention more and listened more intently, we will see the diverse ways God is moving and working amongst us, almost per second. Whether in the person sitting beside us, in nature or simply in the human ability to just be. During my quiet time this … Continue reading More attentive