No excuse

A little over a month ago, on my way to work, I searched for my earpiece and couldn’t find it. I was agitated because I was late and I needed it because it is part of my morning routine to listen to messages on my commute to work. Running out of time and searching frantically … Continue reading No excuse

Keep moving

For me, this year has been a ‘soldiering on’ year, many people might read that and think “hmm, isn’t that every year?”, but Nahh, for me, this year was that year that amidst all obstacles I just woke up every morning and I said “oh well, we have to keep moving”. So amidst the waiting, … Continue reading Keep moving


A few weeks ago I was crossing the road with my friend, I didn’t know when I started shouting “please hold my hand”. She was puzzled and told me to calm down that she was watching too. I didn’t doubt anything of what she said, it was when we got to the other side of … Continue reading Free