>>> Comfort Zone <<<

I like to tell myself I get out of my comfort zone often.

But recently, I’ve been convicted about the lie that the above statement is.

Today though, I did something very out of my zone, good, but crazy and I actually spent the whole day reminiscing on how it all transpired and thinking if it could have gone better or gone worse.

First of all, this is a good sign that you are actually out of your comfort zone so keep going until you can relate with the paragraph above.

We’re having an event in my church called ‘All Nations Sunday’ and it is one of our biggest annual event because we go all out for it. It’s our biggest evangelism tool too as a church and i’m grateful for how far we’ve come really.

Because we need to raise awareness for the event, intentional and constant evangelism and flyering is important. So on my way to work this morning, I made sure to carry a bunch of the flyers with me because I had a plan and a goal for the day.

I got to the train station and got into my train, walked through the train dropping flyers on seats because I noticed that I read extensively the flyers I meet on my seat so I thought to myself, ‘this has to be the best strategy’ (although nothing really beats word of mouth evangelism’.

I got to where I would seat and saw a woman seating right behind me.

It was a 10 seconds battle of ‘Give her or not give her’.

I decided I’d walk up and hand her one.

I got about 5 inches from her with a smile definitely too wide for 7:30am in the morning and I handed one out and said my ‘Sales pitch’.

I wish I can tell you she smiled back, asked more questions and collected it but sadly, I can’t.

This beautiful young woman, stopped me half way, raised her hand to my face and said ‘It’s too early in the morning, please’.

She was polite enough to say please and I respected that, but I was crushed.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been rejected before, even in similar situations like evangelism but something about today was different.

I apologised, got to my seat with my wide smile that had become a straight hurt line.

I’m still not completely over it as I write this but what’s really funny is that I’ve felt a kind of peace even with the hurt. I’ve also felt really excited knowing that I was completely out of my comfort zone.

I can’t tell you it was an amazing feeling, especially at first but what I know is, I probably won’t feel this bad if this happens again and I’ll be so much more confident next time I have to do it *brushing nothing off my shoulders*.


We actually cannot do great things in our comfort zone. In our comfort zone, were protecting ourselves, our image, our reputation, our face and our security but outside, we’re letting all guards down and open to what might come our way and that’s where growth will happen.

I’m excited for the next few days left to evangelise and flyer.

Dear Foch woman,

Stop playing it safe all the time. I promise, the growth will exceed the hurt if you even meet any hurt like I did. Slowly but surely!

The Sinful Woman

Another unnamed woman in the bible 🙃

I was sure she had a name till I returned to read the story properly and realised she was referred to as the sinful woman.

As most stories in the bible, we are not really given an introductory or background story to this woman, she literally just made an appearance in that chapter, although theologians argue that she had been previously mentioned in the bible.

There’s something precious about this sinful woman, from the few chapters about her in the bible, it seems like she had received a revelation prior to going to see Jesus in the Pharisees house.

No one just approaches someone and begins to cry and kiss their feet and anoint their head with oil, that’ll be really creepy. So I’m convinced she had been visited prior to the scene where we see her loving up on Jesus in the way and manner she chose to.

The sinful woman reminded me how powerful silence is in God’s presence, sometimes we feel we always need to be saying something but a lot of times, silence does the trick.
There was literally no exchange of words between her and Jesus till the last verses when Jesus told her that her sins were forgiven.

She also taught me what it means to zone the world out and focus on what truly matters.
Can you imagine the scene she must have created?
Walking into a dinner party and going to just one guest, crying, kissing His feet and pouring perfume on His head ???

At that moment, she couldn’t care less, she had come for something and not even the judging and accusing eyes piercing her could stop her.

In our time, there’s enough things to zone out, enough distractions that are veiled in things that appear important.
But we need to ask God for focus and clarity to ‘see the focus and focus on the focus’.

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sinful woman


Ideally we should remember Michal as the wife of David but more than half of the time, shes either not named or named last as David’s wife. Ironically she was the first woman David married.

Michal definitely suffered some deep emotional trauma because the bible expressly describes how she loved David, but not once did it mention how David loved his wife, so similar to Potiphar’s wife, she was in a situation that definitely was not favourable but still did not justify her actions.

She was also not mentioned a lot in the bible but the few chapters she appeared in were either sad or scary.

We never see it this way but Michal had the opportunity to be the woman after God’s heart. She was married to the man after God’s heart regardless of the situation leading to their marriage, so nothing could’ve stopped her really, but we see that her love for David was actually a hazard to her love for God and her ability to sense situations clearly and without prejudice.

She was obsessed with this man named David and the obsession started long before they were joined together in Marriage.

Her lesson was a powerful one for me personally because sometimes, we excuse some things we adore in our lives because they are good or right but we forget that the moment we place anything above or on the same pedestal with God and/or our relationship with Him, we’ve set ourselves up for a disaster.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with a woman loving her husband like she did or with a child adoring his mother or with a student working to get to the apex of their academics or career.

These things in themselves are very good but when we begin to move things in our life to rotate around any of them, we miss the goodness it could bring to us like the way Michal met and loved (goodness) but ended a tragic way.

Michal’s story taught me to know God for myself and LOVE Him, I dare say the extent to which Michal loved David.

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poisonous love

What does your cover look like today?

I personally think it can be a disadvantage to know something for so long.

For some reason, it begins to move to a point you’ve known it so much, you don’t value it’s potency or realise it’s true meaning. A lot of times it is unconscious really so no shade at anyone.

If I got a penny for anyone who answers ‘yes’ to the next question I ask, I bet I could be so rich because i’m certain we’ve heard it time and time again.

Have you heard anyone say ‘Don’t judge a book by it’s cover?’…

I bet you have. So yes, if wishes were horses, i’d be a rich woman in a second.

I lazily got out of bed this afternoon and realised I needed to get out to get some food stuff because I just had today to get it, seeing the shop doesn’t open on Sunday’s and I’d really be lying to myself if I said I would want to do something as tedious as cooking on a Sunday. This realisation had the best of me and I got out, got ready and called an Uber.

I was looking a tad scruffy because I genuinely didn’t plan to go out plus I had my flip flops on and had a facial expression that expressly revealed how I really felt stepping out this afternoon.

My Uber driver arrived, I got in and said hello. He barely responded as the trip went on.

I needed him to wait for me to get what I wanted at the shop so he could bring me back immediately because I really could not bare waiting another five minutes or more for another Uber to get to me.

Now, the very simple challenge I had was actually opening my mouth and saying this to the person who could actually help me out, that was a shoulder-arms length away from me.

Because i’m a human beings and I pick up vibes and read expressions even without someone speaking, I could tell that my Uber driver either was having the sort of day I was also having or he really just didn’t want to be disturbed.

So I sat at the back for 5 minutes, wrestling with myself whether or not to ask him to wait. I concluded he would probably say no and tell me i’d need to re-book another Uber. So I already mentally planned to do that.

A few feet away from my stop, I strongly felt I should just ask, I had prepared for the ‘no’ and made plans for the return trip, so I could complete the story and tell myself ‘I told you’. So I asked him.

“Please would you mind waiting for me to pick up a few things so you can take me back home?” I was looking at him from the rear view mirror anticipating my expected answer.

And he said “sure of course, it’ll save you time than if you had to call another Uber when you come out”.

I bet he noticed my hesitation because I genuinely couldn’t believe what he had just said but I found my voice and responded an overly excited “Yes, Thank you”.

I got to my destination, got out, went into the store, got what I needed, got out, he came out and got my stuff in the boot and I got back in the car, en route home again. I could not help thinking about how everything had transpired contrary to what I had thought in my head.

I forgot to add that I had even planned to rate him poorly for not being friendly because he made me feel really uncomfortable at the start of the trip by not responding to my hello or even sparing me a hi.

I got home and I made sure to give him an amazing rating because he reminded me the saying to not judge a book by its cover, added to the fact that he changed my outlook on the day and got me excited of how wrong sometimes out perception of people and things could be at first.

I bet right now, there are people we’ve written off for various reasons and they could be really valid reasons you may have done that but I want to remind you too not to judge a book by it’s cover. Go on and ask, say or do what you want to do and be possibly blown away by the reaction of the person as I was in my situation.

On the flip side, lets just try to put good covers on our books so we don’t keep people double guessing our content.

If you really were a book, what would your cover look like?




Rahab introduced a category of girls in the bible termed “bad for a season, but not forever”

She was one of the most unfortunate bad girls in the bible.
I say unfortunate because unlike most of them, Rahab’s escapades were known in her society.
People actually knew, identified and referred to her as a harlot.
Might also be worth noting that even in the hall of Faith In Hebrews 11, the bible referred to her as “Rahab the prostitute”.
Not to shame her in any way, but to reveal the power of Grace on her.

Rahab was the known prostitute, she didn’t have anything to hide because anything she could’ve hidden was already out and known so I’m thinking she lived a really ‘free’ life.
She didn’t need to defend or protect anything because everyone knew her.

When Rahab hosted the 2 spies that went to Jericho, the bible says that she had heard all that God had done for the Israelites and had hidden all that they said in her heart, meaning that the God had already started to work in her even before they arrived. (Faith comes by hearing…)
She knew in her heart that there was a God but she didn’t understand it completely till they came to her.
After her encounter with the men, who else knew?
Asides herself and the two men she hosted, no one knew Rahab had accepted the God of the Israelites so there’s every tendency that she was still referred to as the prostitute and still battled with several advances from her usual clientele.

But she was a changed woman.
If no one knew, at least she and God knew and despite the fact that her surrounding didn’t recognise it, Rahab was not discouraged from living the new life she had committed herself to.

We deal with bad habits everyday, sometimes it’s glaring and obvious and other times, it’s more subtle and can be overlooked, and while we try to change them and make ourselves better, we sometimes still fault.
A lot of times, you alone will know what you’re working on in yourself so when society come and point long accusing fingers at you when you fault, it won’t be the time to pack up and say you can’t do it.
Like Rahab, we’ll stay doing the right thing until one day, they realise that “she’s not the girl she use to be”.

The same confidence Rahab had when she was a prostitute was the same confidence she exhibited when she turned from that lifestyle.
People recognised it as the ‘prostitute confidence’ but She and God knew that it was borne from a new source.

Don’t give up working on yourself or on something because people around you can’t see the changes and improvement.
Give them the benefit of doubt every time that they really do not know the process going on.

The best way to change will be through your actions, talk they say, is cheap.
So live right till your actions speak for you.

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I think this is one of the most beautiful feminine names in the bible.
What makes it all the more captivating is the fact that it actually means beautiful or precious!
If it was in a similar setting to now, I reckon people struggled to pronounce it which for me is a repelling effect, seeing I wouldn’t want to have to correct people every single time on how to pronounce my name.
Sapphira must have had a pretty good life, the bible doesn’t give us much information into her history but just assessing where she and her husband were, I see they must have been beyond comfortable and probably in a comfortable social class in their society but not quite where they wanted to be.
A lot of speculations from Christian journals and accounts on Ananias and Sapphira’s story suggest that Sapphira must have persuaded Ananias into the lies they told that led to their death.
Just because Eve was a culprit, they felt, even in this case, Sapphira had to have had the upper hand.
Let’s just thank God we didn’t have the full account really, I don’t know how it would’ve been if really that was the case.
Sapphira and her husband lied about how much they had sold a piece of land to withhold some part of the money they had made from the sale.
Because I’m female like her, I’m almost so certain that her instincts where going crazy within her when she and her husband had agreed to frame this story.
She must have felt guilty and must have been slightly aware of the doom that awaited her when Peter came and asked her how much they had sold the land for after her husband had died already.
People say “women just know”, and I can’t really explain this or completely agree with it but what I can vouch for is the almost accurate instinct God has placed in us. Imagine now combining that super power with the Holy Spirit, the kind of exploits you’ll be manifesting!
If you read the narrative Liz Kurtis Higgs gave, she saw it just as I did, Sapphira could sense something going wrong when they summoned her after the death of her husband and it was her instincts telling her “give it up Girl, they know and you know they know”.
But she violated those instincts and still stuck with the plan that had led to her husbands death and as we see, equality prevailed even in that punishment, she also died.
The saddest part of this story was the fact that there was no coercion, intimidation or enforcement given to this couple to sell that piece of land or bring that money.
In their free will, they decided to, although we see that they had ulterior motives that was not going to please or glorify God.
Sapphira’s story taught and reminded me of the natural inherent gift that God has placed within me.
I was reminded not to take it for granted and even in the time of doubt, to seek God’s face.
She also taught me that the best time to give anything would be when there is nothing in it for me.
If I do something solely because I see that my doing will prompt a reward, that might be where I’ve missed it.
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I think majority of people knew Delilah before they read her story, For me personally, I observed that it was mostly used as profanity on the subjects it was used on.

Apart from Jezebel, Delilah is the other name that any parent would have to be completely ignorant to give their daughters.
I even personally have an issue with her because no bible story hurt me the way Samson’s did.

I cant really call his ending victorious, despite the fact that He killed more in His death than when He was alive, because I strongly believe that God had amazinggg plans for him, and for every day he spent being an exhibition for the philistines, the plans of God for Him were being truncated.
He couldn’t have made poorer decisions.

Delilah means “delicate” or “dainty one”, and contrary to that, Delilah was very crude at heart and mind.
I also reckon she was very beautiful.
The bible doesn’t explicitly describe how beautiful she was, but to win the attention of Samson, she must have been an epitome of beauty-full!

But, she was also the definition of materialistic and imagining her in this day and age, she would’ve been a wreck because there’s enough things for her to run after.
She was a woman willing to trade trust, love or anything at all for money.

They say we will always desire the treasure we believe most valuable and for Delilah, money was what was most valuable, so she desired it with all of her.

Her story brought me to truly look into my desires and evaluate them against God’s word.
The things I’m so quick to remember or think about.

Our desires lead us much more than we know and if we’re having issues knowing our desires, you can easily trace it to the things, places and people we run to ever so often.

Delilahs lesson is to evaluate our desires and align them to what they should be depending on who we say we are and what we call ourselves.

It’s these invisible emotions that’ll be brought to light when we stand before God, let’s make sure we’re proud for it to be revealed.

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Pace and Stride

Everyday, I walk roughly 40 mins to work and back, I had the option of using the bus, but seeing how many times it made me late, I resorted to walking.

At first I was terribly exhausted after every walk but I actually got used to it after the first week, and now, it’s such an important aspect of my day cause I use the time to meditate and talk to myself and seeing how noisy the world is, I can’t tell you how much I cherish those moments.

Now, on my journey to walk everyday, there are at least 3 regularly people I see every day, like Monday through to Friday. I think they work close to my office to so we kinda know ourselves but don’t know ourselves. You know what I mean!

Those people you see a lot but have never had a proper conversation with, that’s the nature of my relationship with these people. So among the 4 of us, there’s this guy that always gets to our destination before either of us, but he is almost always the last to get off the train.

The other 3 of us always have a head start with the walk to the business area and the last guy always seems to catch up and pass us. Literally like every single day. I’ve attempted catching up severally but I’ve given up and in the process, learnt a valid lesson that the world should know about.

When I started trying to go at his pace, I noticed that I could do it!, I was actually meeting his pace but he would still pass me and give me quite a distance.

The next day, I was measuring his pace and stride with my eyes and that’s when I realised what was going on, I could go at the same pace with him but his strides were wider than mine, so even if our pace was equal, his greater strides created the distance.

So, the next day, I came ready to open my legs as wide as I could to meet his strides too, but I was looking really silly walking because moving with the pace I was moving with and taking the strides he was taking looked funny cause he was quite taller than I was and while he could comfortably move at that pace and stride, I couldn’t, without looking the way I did.

This happened for like a week by the way, I was so determined to get to the office area before this guy, even if it was for just one day!

I noticed how I began getting to work panting and dehydrated everyday in that week because I was trying to catch up or not even let him pass me at all.

The following week, nothing told me to but I returned to my conformable stride and pace that still got me to work in good time and shape and I felt God speaking so strongly to my heart on the issue.

I didn’t even take it too seriously until yesterday when I was watching a clip from a sermon and the preacher was using a thread mill to explain how God sets paces and strides for us as individuals but in an attempt to get to the places we want to get to quickly or before someone else, we outdo ourselves and end up either getting hurt or too tired to finish and then we turn around and blame God for not seeing us through when we ourselves decided to go faster than his pace and wider than His set strides for us.

The big lesson here is not even competition, I think we get to certain points in life when we realise that everyone’s course is different and the harder you try to run another person’s course, the more you derail from yours and hurt yourself.

So no, I’m least worried about the competing part. And you should be to.

What is pertinent is the reality that you have a pace and stride God has designed for you. In some seasons, He’ll intentionally leave it slow and in other seasons, you’ll notice it’ll be so fast. We need to recognise these seasons and be accommodating to them.

If God has set you to go on a 7 now and you’re trying to go on a 10, chances are you are hurting yourself without realising or getting more tired than you should.

God recognises the abilities He’s placed on you and I and that is why His word tells us that He will never give any of us more than we can carry.

In the next few days, I need you to get back to God and ask Him to align you to where His plans want you to be at this phase of your life. We can only go fast and far when were where He wants us.

His Hand will never take us where His grace is not.

Stay the course Foch woman! Stay YOUR course. Move with your pace and your stride and watch God make beauty of you.

Ps. This was me in the first week of catching up with the fast guy.


The Samaritan woman at the well


If you’re me, you’ve seriously wondered why she was also not named although Wikipedia calls her Photine..
This woman was blessed in ways I can’t even begin to explain.
I know sometimes how much I long to have Jesus sit in front of me face to face and have a conversation with Him.
Not because prayer is not enough for me, but sometimes I just desire that level of intimacy.

She’s one of the few women in the bible who had private time with Jesus.
I don’t know again how more blessed you can be.

This Samaritan woman is the best description of a lot of young girls and women today, particularly us who’ve come from Christian homes and appear to have always had it all together.
No one sees or knows the parts you’ve shrouded apart from you and God.

She probably lived a normal life, unlike Rahab (who I can’t wait to get to), she wasn’t publicly known as a prostitute.
Just a regular woman living her everyday life.

But like they say, nothing is hidden from God and everything will come to light before Him, Jesus saw and knew all that she’d successfully hidden away from the public.

This woman was on another level of witty too, I loved her response to Jesus when He revealed what she didn’t know He knew.
She literally went like “okay, sir prophet..” and then she just changed the direction of the conversation to talking about places of worship .. lol

Jesus response was also golden, He went with her direction but brought her back to what she was running from.

In the end, she ran off to tell everyone who would hear her because she had just been saved!
The bible says she went and told them “come and see a man who told me all that I ever did”

If I was one of the hearers, that wouldn’t have moved me to run to Jesus immediately, in fact, I’d have been like “what’s doing this one today”
So I reckon that in her excitement and at the probing she received, she spilled the beans of all that Jesus revealed about her, including the 5 husbands and 1 housemate.

She was too excited to think about what they’d think or if they’d look at her differently. Her salvation had so freed her that she had escaped the bondage of what “they” would think.

I think In this salvation we receive, we enjoy everything but the main thing, which is FREEDOM!
Salvation came with freedom from all things including the freedom to speak about your past with other people with an intention to liberate them from their own struggles.

There’s so much we won’t be proud of ourselves about, particularly before we came to know God and we’re thinking because we’re new creations, that doesn’t need to come to light or be heard of ever again.

Sometimes, God needs those stories of the old you to minister to other people around you and if for fear of not being seen the same way holds us back, we limit the expression of our freedom that’s come with salvation.

The best speakers mould their subject stories around their lives before’s and after’s and this is because people are more inclined to open up more when they find a place to relate with you.

The Samaritan woman taught me freedom, freedom to speak about what characterised Rubie before she came to know God.
About those things that make us change the direction of a discussion when they pop up.

#Freedom #Salvation #BadGirlsOfTheBible


Lot’s wife

Lots wife’s story is one that will always resonate within me.
It was one of the first bible stories I ever memorised because my young mind couldn’t completely grasp how a human being became a pillar of salt, but it still doesn’t beat the story of Jonah in a fishes belly for 3 days…

From the few verses that talk about lots wife, I could already see the kind of woman she was and the kind of relationship she might have had with her family.
She must have been a strong melancholic who was almost a perfectionist and wanted the best always for herself and her family.

Going back to when Abraham and Lot were going separate ways after they left where God called Abraham from, the bible records that when they saw they couldn’t live together as a result of their growing families and possessions, Abraham asked Lot to look towards the ends of the 2 lands and decide where he wanted to go. In Abraham’s words, “choose where you’ll go and whichever you decide to take, I’ll go with the other”.

After reading the few verses with Lots wife present, I’m forced to think that she possibly would’ve been a key influencer in her husbands decision to go with the plains of Jordan as he decided to go with. Remember the bible records that “He saw..”. Meaning that he and his family based which land would be better from the mere sight at that point.

Because of her perfectionist nature, I assume her house must have been a sight to behold (whatever that looked like in those days),coupled with the fact that Lot was an affluent man, asides having the money to buy all the buyables, he had His wife who could so perfectly arrange and design their home to what it probably looked like.

But in all of her glory, she wasn’t a listener. If she was a believer of today, she would’ve been one of the people who say things like “if God doesn’t tell me, I will not do”.
You know the funny part, majority of we Christians are at that place, where we’ve disqualified the possibility of God speaking through people and only will take seriously what we say we hear from God directly.

While it is a good thing to hear expressly from God, fact remains that God still uses people to speak, our action should be more for spiritual sensitivity to discern what people tell us, rather than against the thought that God can speak to us through others.

The men (angels) who came to move Lot must have had the toughest time convincing that woman of what was to happen.
The bible records that they hesitated and the angels even had to apply a little force.

But there was ‘supposed victory’, they finally agreed to go and the least of all the instruction given to them through the entire journey was what brought her to become a reference to the world on something as funny as a bag of salt.

Lots wife had already been through the painful part of leaving her home all that she had and even agreeing to go with them, what again could she have been looking back for?
I reckon that even if God had spared her life after her looking back, she would hurt even more than she was already hurting, knowing she was off to start life again somewhere with her family (that never happened).

Her story reminds us that God speaks through people, a lot of people might say “they were angels” but sometimes we’re the angels God sends on errands.

I learnt to be a better listener and be obedient even with the smallest instruction.
It’s tough trust me but we can!

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