Holding on & Letting go

I learnt my antonyms faster than I did my synonyms. It was no surprise anyways cause with antonyms, I would only have to think of what was directly opposite to the word and an answer would come. Usually always faster than finding a word similar in meaning to the word thought about as in the case of synonyms.

Holding on and letting go could be seen as antonyms so yes, I probably am going to enjoy writing this … lol

How many of us got told to “fight for what we want or believe in”? some of us even heard that “if you don’t fight for it, you don’t really want it”. So there’s been the constant thing in us to keep holding on no matter what. To the jobs, to the desires, to the relationships and even to the things close to our hearts.

At the same time, we’re also told “it’s not everything you fight for”, or “not all battles are worth fighting” or something similar so we equally have the thoughts in us to pull out, or let go when it’s not working out. Let go of the jobs, the desires, the relationships and even things dear to us.

From this little theory, we can agree that the world and its dealings are too unstable for us to bore and base our principles on. Just too unstable.

Adulting definitely has to be the most complicated job, you go from usually not having much to think about to thinking about it all in just a short time so it can be scary and daunting but is not impossible to do successfully.

One of the constant battles in adulting is knowing when to hold on and when to let go. I have read more books and articles on decision making than I have on any other thing including award winning Roger Dawson’s ‘The confident decision maker‘, and I have to say quite frankly that none of these books are powerful enough to influence your decision to hold on or let go in any situation.

The knowledge does help see things clearer but the decision that will produce any result will be down to you alone.

Here’s the truth. There isn’t one pattern that things would follow that you would automatically know to hold on, same way, there also isn’t a pattern to inform you of a need to let go. Things just play out, sometimes the way we handle them, other times, really even if we’re unaware of them. This is to say that its not all situations we’re aware of to control but at the same time, being proactive in the way we live keeps us well in check of situations and circumstances around us.

Having become aware that I am a spiritual being having an earthly experience and not the other way around, I’ve learnt to get in touch with my spirit which is influenced by the Holy spirit as I allow Him to guide me in making the right decisions including when to hold on and when to let go.

If you’re not like myself, then you would have to trust your conscience and intuition to guide you to a place to either hold on or let go.

These are usually very critical decisions as more often than not, they involve other people, affect our future and sometimes have an effect on our emotional and mental state so it’s worth going about it the right way to know when to hold on and when to let go.

In all, stay true to yourself. Not society or what it tells you.

holding on

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