Process & Time

Few days ago I sat down to have my lunch, it was the most frustrating eating experience because I got up more times than I put a fork of food in my mouth.

What was I getting up to do?

I was standing up to get water in my cup.

I would get up, go to the dispenser and stay for like 15 seconds to allow water pour in the cup and go back and sit, when I lift the cup to my mouth, I’d finish it in one gulp.

Of course it won’t be sufficient so I’ll go back to the dispenser and stand for another 15 seconds and go back and sit and the cycle kept repeating.

When my food was cold and not appealing to me anymore, I sat there thinking how I had destroyed my own appetite and I didn’t really have to think to far as to why.

I was never patient enough to wait for the dispenser to fill my cup up before I went back to sit down. I would get just was enough for one gulp and in a few minutes, stand up again and repeat the same cycle.

If I had waited, I would probably visit the dispenser just twice through the whole meal but it seemed like my food was calling me, not that it would develop wings and fly away but I just felt an urgency to eat immediately.

Because God uses the smallest things to talk to me, I went to the kitchen and put my before attractive food that I was excited to eat back in the fridge cause my appetite was gone, also knowing fully well that I would never enjoy the food as I would have if I had eaten it at that time but the did had been done. My appetite was gone and I had barely eaten half of my food.

The dispenser and its content was suppose to be God working on me, my cup was my self and I was me, taking myself away from the work God was doing before it was even half way, talk less of complete.

Because the work done was not sufficient to sustain me, when the little I had acquired was exhausted, I would journey back to the source and wait another little time and leave again still without any work done on me.

With time, my loss of appetite was my frustration with not being able to complete eating my food which probably had been destined to be finished but my impatience had led to the frustration which deceived me to believing it couldn’t be complete.

Putting it back in the fridge was me telling God that this wasn’t for me at all and maybe another plate of food would do.

Process and time are phenomenas hard to understand but very necessary to produce quality results.

Wait under the dispenser until the cup is full or till the dispenser says it’s enough. There’s really no rush.


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