“You create time for the things you love”

I can’t count the number of times I have heard this line. The frequency of hearing it is even higher in the last few months because adulthood is making an appearance and unlike polite levels in life, its coming like ‘ready or not, here I come’.

As it comes, certain things become more real and priority begins to be placed on the very thing we didn’t think to much about when growing up. Time. We’re more conscious of how we spend our time and what we do with it. If you’re not at this point yet, well, i’m not sure whether to be happy for you or not really.

I’ve watched emails, messages and calls pile up on my phone and at first it was so strange but now, i’m actually used to it, I only get concerned that the people waiting for a response might not understand that it is not intentional that the response is not coming when they’d expect it to.

This week, two times, I got hit with the ‘you create time for the things you love/that are important to you’ line and in my few minutes of thought I realised how manipulative this sentence can be.

I’ve heard it often in churches too, to get people doing their devotion and frankly this is fine if it’s working and producing positive results and I don’t just mean physically but also internally, with the heart of the person involved.

God knows I loveee my friends and i’m sure we all do, enough to call their names in prayer and also text and call when we think we should but I genuinely don’t feel that constant instant messaging and calls is going to mean I love them any more.

However, I don’t think we all get this because most people see the frequency of your checking on them as their rating in your life and completely forget that we all have lives to lead. Not to intentionally sound insensitive but frankly speaking.

Friendship is amazingg, communication is beautiful but the time-frame for responding to messages shouldn’t have any link to where someone has ‘placed’ you in their life.

P.s: With relationships and dating, I think it’s up to both parties to decide what works for them. Whether texting every other hour, or late night conversations or even once a week video calls. To each his own really.

Cheers to the remaining years of adulthood



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