Justice doesn’t always bring healing

This blogpost will largely mirror the conclusion of this previously written post. It was focused on sexual abuse, healing and moving from it.

I think I should’ve stated even more in that post, how important it is that we heal and move from anything at all really that causes us hurt or pain and not just sexual abuse. We live in such a society that clamours for justice, most times, even more than we emphasise on healing for the victim. Some people believe that justice will always bring healing, but it’s actually rarely the case. While we must pursue justice, we must encourage healing even more.

There is nothing that comes from a place of revenge or spite that will ever please God. The foundation is unholy and so even the fruits remain same in His eyes.

When we’ve been hurt, our humanity convinces us that we might feel a lot better if the person who hurt us is also hurt. We like to call it “karma”, in that “since you did it to me, it’s only right someone does it to you”. But karma opposes forgiveness, karma says that a person must experience what they have dished out to others but Jesus actually says that if they confess and repent, they are forgiven. It can be such a hard pill to swallow but it is always possible by the help of the Spirit.

Don’t ever pursue justice for revenge, let even the pursuit of justice be more from a place of mercy than of spite.

I see broken people everyday who even after being served justice, are still so hurt and bitter and this is because they have not dealt with the hurt from inside.

There’s a reason why the working of the Holy Spirit in us in inward and flows outward. It is because you cannot reflect what you don’t have inside of you. Pain and hurt will always find a way to reflect itself if it is resident on the inside of a person.

So just a gentle reminder to heal. From whatever it is that has hurt you; failure, a heart break, an abuse, an accident, an ill spoken word or just whatever it is. Heal.

2 thoughts on “Justice doesn’t always bring healing

  1. tgifmasterminds says:

    That’s an interesting picture in your blog. Was it an inhabited island now submersed under the ocean. Please identify. A word about karma, some people are still living under the Rabbinic Hebrew Law that said, ‘an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth’.

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    • Fochwoman says:

      Thank you. It is actually a capsized ship that ended up having a second chance when trees started to grow whether from or through it in the sea. I just thought it was so pleasant to look at. Reminded me of how there’s always a second chance at life one way or the other.
      Also, you’re right, the mosaic law still rules some people and my prayer is that we all step into this walk with the Spirit and cease to live by the law.

      Thanks for engaging x


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