Banging for others

Earlier today I got a notification from a friend on Twitter, opened it to find a plea to get on Instagram to comment someone’s name under a post to win an opportunity. I did not even know who this person was but on account of my friend who reached out, I went through the hassle to do as asked.

It is funny because all of this caught me in thought, before the notification came in, I was  thinking about a friend of my mums whose husband is currently battling cancer. I remember once we went to visit and as we were leaving, while my mum hugged her, I heard my mum say to her “we are banging heaven’s door on your behalf“. I did not even think much of it then till now and then it also happened that I get this notification in the same beat to advocate for someone I do not even know on account of the relationship I have with someone who knows them.

I thought about it all and while at it, it occurred to me that, this is the power of intercession. In both scenarios, a case is made for someone for something that does not necessarily benefit them directly.

Remember that Jesus does this every single time for us, first He is always praying for us and then the bible says that “we have an advocate with the Father, Jesus Christ, The Righteous one“. Jesus stands for us daily before the Father, when we sin and we should receive the consequence of sin, Jesus stands there and says “God, look at me, look at my blood, remember my suffering and death“, and every single time, The Father sees Jesus and He relents in judgement and instead, offers grace and mercy.

When we intercede, we mirror this dimension of Jesus. Standing in the gap for people who are facing tough situations of life.

We glorify God most when we truly take on His image and intercession is one way we can daily take on the image of  God.

I’ll finish with a quote I saw once that ends in a question; “If all your prayers were answered today, how many people’s world will be changed? is it just yours?

This gives us a perfect idea of how important intercession is to us.


2 thoughts on “Banging for others

  1. Kachi says:

    This is so timely! If there’s something God has been calling me in these recent times is to stand in interceding for others.

    If all your prayers were answered today, how many people’s world will be changed? is it just yours?“ This. Wow. Thank you.

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    • Fochwoman says:

      I’m so glad this resonates with you as well Kachi, it is important to remember that as Kings with priestly ministries, God desires that we stand in the gap for people as often as we can. God wants to do so much on the earth through our hands in our lives and the lives of others but there must be someone to stand in the gap, the Holy Spirit always whispers in my heart “if there be a man to pray, there is always The God to answer”, so let’s stay interceding for others x

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