Excited Lover

I am a couple of years into my faith journey and intentional and personal walk with God. Certain truths have been settled in my heart that I would like to declare boldly (both as a prayer and a matter of fact). 2 of these settled truths in my heart no matter what happens are :

1. God loves me

2. God chooses me

So even when I encounter situations that don’t appear ‘good’ or convenient in any way, that is inconsequential because God still loves and chooses me.

God knows these are settled in my heart cause He sees it, but I’m often still taken aback at how He constantly seeks out ways daily to remind me of these truths. I don’t ever take it for granted and today, I wanted to use the opportunity to remind someone that God loves them and He chooses them too, none of which are dependent on what you’ve done or not done.

I had a dream 2 days ago while I slept in the afternoon, I was in a barracks, there was this rope thing that soldiers often have to navigate their way through on the floor while crawling, they usually call it the ‘army crawl course’. I was in it and I was moving through it, but I got stuck, I started to cry out because as I got stuck, I noticed I also couldn’t breathe so I started to struggle and to cry out and a man appeared, in meditation I found it was Jesus, He came through the ropes on the ground to where I was in the middle of the net, He cut it through to free me and He took me by the hand and led me out of it.

I remember in the dream, after I got out, Jesus and I shared a cake together right after I finished crying my eyes out while I was expressing my gratitude to Him, to which He kept replying “I will do it over and over again”.

Imagine the joy I woke up with hearing that. It wasn’t new news to me but it was as fresh as newly baked bread.

I’m convinced it is meant to be like this, no matter how truth settles in us, it will always leave us in awe when the Father expresses it to us, whether physically or in dreams as such. God is constantly reaching out to us, expressing love and just loving up on us, I hope this week we are attentive to the lover of our soul and His expression of love to us, because He’s an excited lover, always seeking opportunity’s to love His bride, in word and in deed.

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