Maybe it’s us

I don’t think Uriah deserved to die. I spent my morning questioning why God allowed David’s plan to kill him work. I know God has no favourites, but I wondered if something made David more favoured to have planned the death of an honourable man and see it come to fruition. I started going down … Continue reading Maybe it’s us

Blame the 99

I recently came across a video on Instagram posted by a lady. The caption in the video was “Here’re the church members that supported me through my divorce”. The video showed only her smiling the whole time, which was to mean that there was no support from her church members through her divorce. The caption … Continue reading Blame the 99

Getting lost

Everyday I notice something new in me, funny that I can often trace it back to my husband. My mind has been influenced by living with him for almost three months now. I’m getting conditioned to what he likes and doesn’t like and I find that my brain has started to pick it up as … Continue reading Getting lost