Purposed rejection

After God arrested Paul on his way to Damascus and had opened his eyes through Ananias, we see Paul ending up back in Jerusalem after escaping people who wanted to kill him in Damascus. The bible says that when he attempted joining the disciples there in Jerusalem, they were scared because they still harboured thoughts … Continue reading Purposed rejection

Life giving hunger

I think a big characteristic that remains unchanging while a person is on this earth is a hunger for knowledge. That quest does not ever seem to end, while the kind of knowledge desired and the intensity of it vary for people, it still remains that people everywhere seek more knowledge. One day, after a … Continue reading Life giving hunger

Strange fire

I’ve found myself so hungry to know and understand Gods ways, I’m not satisfied with living obliviously, even though I know that grace covers me even in oblivion, I want to walk with God in such a way that I can predict, or even guarantee His move, not in a way of “I know how … Continue reading Strange fire

Bear attack

God placed a huge burden on my heart at the beginning of this year for the nations of the earth. God said it was time to rise in intercession for nations of the earth, not like I hadn’t prayed for countries previously but God wanted an intentionality to it; buying a map and striking out … Continue reading Bear attack

Covered by mercy

There’s a covering nature of the mercy of God that we enjoy as believers. The times when our end in a matter should be certain because of our actions and God stands in the gap, or times when God somehow relieves us of the consequence of an action even when it’s obvious we might deserve … Continue reading Covered by mercy