Always seen

My commute to work in the last couple of weeks has been very interesting. I have insisted on walking rather than taking the bus because asides the extra time for meditation while I walk, I also often walk past a school which always gives me something to chuckle about through the entire day. If it … Continue reading Always seen

Full of what?

I have been studying discernment in the last couple of weeks, asides the fact that my fellowship is currently doing a study on it, I am convinced that it is a virtue that is so paramount for the times we are in, mostly because the world has now become saturated with false doctrine. Everyone with … Continue reading Full of what?

Kiss and Tell

I have just finished reading some very interesting books of the bible. Mostly the seasons of the prophets, Isaiah and Jeremiah. Very interesting characters, quite different in personality but both very sensitive and emotional men. I see clearly why God chose to not just speak through the mouth of these ones but also speak through … Continue reading Kiss and Tell

More attentive

I am definitely of the opinion that if we paid attention more and listened more intently, we will see the diverse ways God is moving and working amongst us, almost per second. Whether in the person sitting beside us, in nature or simply in the human ability to just be. During my quiet time this … Continue reading More attentive