Covered by mercy

There’s a covering nature of the mercy of God that we enjoy as believers. The times when our end in a matter should be certain because of our actions and God stands in the gap, or times when God somehow relieves us of the consequence of an action even when it’s obvious we might deserve … Continue reading Covered by mercy

Best solution

The first 8 verses of Matthew 9 give us the clearest picture of Jesus’ mission, His deepest desire and His greatest expression of Love to us. One would argue that John 3:16 paints this picture the best but I would say that the verses of Matthew 9 give us a clearer picture because of the … Continue reading Best solution

Power pass Power

When we encounter a power higher than our own, there is a restriction that comes, I wouldn’t want to call it humility, because true humility must be birth from choosing to be humble, but in such a case, one has encountered something stronger and so they have no choice but to be restricted, not because … Continue reading Power pass Power

Scared soldier

I am always heavily burdened by a kind of news each time it arises, not because the news is in any way more grave than anything I have heard or could hear, more because I often think we would all have been warned hard and long enough about it. It is the strangest thing with … Continue reading Scared soldier

Ordinary living

Recently had a study with my friends on prophetess Anna, amazing things about someone only referenced in 3 verses in the entire Bible. My favourite thing about her has to be that she lived the ‘ordinary but expected Christian life’. What is an ordinary Christian life you might be thinking? This becomes a fair question … Continue reading Ordinary living