Lonely path

People interpret wilderness seasons first as a bad thing before they ever consider it is good. I think because the word generally connotes aloneness, seclusion and sometimes deprivation of what you’d always enjoy. There is a tendency that we read “red flag” as soon as such seasons appear near us. It’s funny because wilderness seasons … Continue reading Lonely path

Story, Story

While on placement in 2018, my manager and I got talking about a renown woman in power who had misrepresented her people to a point where people were using her to judge the entire female gender which definitely wasn’t right, but had grown to become an unconscious human response when female leaders were incompetent in any … Continue reading Story, Story

Him & Her

I recently was invited to speak to a group of young women on Eros relationships and I had such an amazing time, I wanted to time stamp the notes I made for the event and also give more people access to this information hence why I have decided to make it a blogpost. Eros relationships … Continue reading Him & Her