Retreat n Worship ’18

I’m really excited for this weekends event for FOCH woman.

We’re having a get away to worship God, review the year and plan for 2019 with the prettiest customised retreat guide!!!

An open heart, a notepad and pen is all you’ll be needing for all the girls coming.

Find below the programme for the event!


Retreat & Worship

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Almost ‘I do’


My friend who was set to get married next year had his engagement called off by his girlfriend of 2 years and fiancee of 1 year.

She requested for a time off to pray for a while and came back 2 weeks later, returning the ring, informing him that this was not Gods plan for them. She waited 2 weeks to the introduction to do this and called it off.

I ended up with the broken heart and confusing questions because I did not know what to say to him, all I could do really was ‘Be there’, and I was ‘there’ virtually. If that even counts.

The best time to see those strong friends is when they’re heart broken. Honestly, another side of them shines through, a side that is not very pleasant or good to see. He seemed helpless, sad and very angry, and I couldn’t say I understood, but I attempted placing myself in his shoes and felt really horrible.

It was down memory lane the night he called to break the news to me and so, as you would expect I had many questions.

I might add at this juncture that he is a very sound Man of God, whatever this means to you. They had prayed severally before getting into the relationship and even getting to the phase they were in when all of it came crashing down.

He had lots of questions. I also had loads of questions and so we sat exchanging questions and just really praying for comfort, but even more understanding.

I remain assured of one thing, God is not a Liar. God did not lie and He definitely did not mislead. It might be a delay, and it just might also be a closed door which means someone didn’t hear God clearly.

From the whole ordeal, I’ve had a couple of lessons I wanted to share and I hope it edifies you as much as it did as it came to me.

  • When something has not gone the way God told us it would, it’s not the time to start doubting and questioning Him. It’s time to pray for understanding and search inwardly.
  • When God speaks, listen wholly and fully, and not in part or pick out what you want to hear and leave the rest.
  • Gods hand will never lead you where His grace is not, so as we pray for the open doors and accept it, we should equally accept the closed doors as His will.
  • God is breeding patience in us with every trial we face in life.
  • Don’t expect God to speak differently to you from the usual ways He speaks when it comes to the life partner decision. He won’t automatically change the way He speaks just for that decision.
  • God comforts us through life. He is not unaware or unbothered by the things that hurt us, so don’t think He is absent through the storm.

In the end, It will be well.


‘Dead Meat’

I sat and watched on Natgeo wild one day and understood how if you wanted to escape a lion eating you, you could pretend to be dead in the few minutes that it approached your body and sniffed you out to see if you were still alive.

Some animals are smart enough to decipher this and are actually able to play dead when they see an approaching lion.

Lions don’t fancy dead meat. They love the Point, Kill and Eat meat.

I was having a conversation last night with a friend and I was reminded of this after I had told him the overwhelming place I was in currently with all that was happening around me, and not even me personally.

While he spoke of the lion, I realised that the devil was ever so similar to this trait of the lion. he does not go after dead meat.

he does not go after to get what is his already, he goes after the one that is not his to make it so.

It is overwhelming for most Christians to understand what it means when they say you are in warfare. Majority of us think it very cultural and not applying to us personally, but the reality of this life is that spiritual warfare is an ongoing thing that happens all the time, and in case you thought you were exempted, you should know that if you so much as name the name of the Lord, you are tagged an enemy in that realm by the devil and his cohorts.

The solution to this is not to run or ‘play dead’, as a matter of fact, because we have a foreknowledge of what this is, we can stay ready and waiting for this attacks, why? Because it will come.

Jesus said to ‘Be of good cheer because I (Jesus) have overcome the world’.

Nothing might be going right at the moment, but you need to understand that this shows that you’re alive and not dead and contrary to most Christians, the devil recognises the threat you are.

Don’t play dead meat so he leaves you alone. You’re not dead meat, be the conqueror you are and face him head on and trust the God on the inside of you to fight and come out victorious.

This is a WON battle and war.


“A Star is Born” Review

Before I carry on with this blogpost, I need to ascertain that we will not judge each other by our personal opinions and tastes, because as our faces are different, so are our preferences when it comes to food, music, books, drinks, Moviessss etc.

Today’s review is for the recent Lady Gaga and Bradly Cooper classic, A star is born.

First off, I should say that my sister literally dragged me to see this movie, so it was a case of not seeing any trailers, plots or reviews before arriving at the cinema, which is so unlike me, because I would usually have an idea of the movie I am paying to see.

I’ll keep this short and straight to the point and hey, I should apologise in advance, I’m gonna be a bit of a spoiler, for those yet to see it.

The movie is a perfect depiction of the reality of most celebrities and music stars. It shows clearly the reality of people who struggle with alcoholism and addictions and it also shows very clearly how important it is for us to be there for the people closest to us, no matter how good it appears they’re doing.

But as you might have foretold, the but was definitely coming.

Half way through the movie, I was waiting for the tragedy, by the time it was an hour and thirty minutes into it, I was genuinely waiting for the movie to end, I thought the plot got missing at some point and was sort of dragged a bit.

Needless to say, contrary to the  85% of people who shed some serious tears in cinemas across the world, my tear duct was completely dry, but we can all agree on one thing, Lady Gaga is an absolute prodigy! Girl can singggg! And who also knew Mr Cooper could sing even!?

But yea, below are my top 5 lessons from this movie and I wanna hear yours when you’ve watched it or your objections to my own list.

1.Deal with the seemingly small issues that you notice before they grow to monsters you can’t tame

Our Antagonists alcoholism problem didn’t start as pronounced as we saw it towards the end of the movie. It was a habit he had allowed to grow and had nurtured for time and it was only a mater of time before it came and swallowed him. Now is the time to deal with those bad habits we think can’t hurt a fly.

2. Perfect love casts out all fear

There was that scene in the Movie where Gaga wins a whole Grammy and as she stands to appreciate her team for the honour, her high husband walks up to her and he pees himself right there, on the stage.

What is Gaga’s response? She uses her long beautiful dress to cover up his mess, and she attempts to downplay the whole thing. Mind you, this is streaming across International TV.

As far as I am concerned, that is real love, and even after all this, she didn’t leave him. Not for fear of her career or even for her own sanity and reputation. All she cared for and about, was her husband. Perfect love removes fear guys!!! Always.

3. Speak the truth to the one you love

If no one, Gaga had the power, space and influence to get Cooper out of his state. While she actually tried her best, I genuinely feel like she could have done more.

Sometimes, in an attempt to shield the ones we love, we either don’t tell them the truth or we tell them the truth in part.

True love is speaking The truth (The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth) in love, sometimes it’ll hurt, most times it might get messy, but think about it in the light that if I don’t tell them the truth now, the person will pay more gravely for it later.

Cooper was a drunk, an addict and an alcoholic. She could have changed this by telling him simply.

4. When you work with and in God, you work in Purpose

Well, this is not a direct lesson from the movie but it is derived from the movie. Gaga only got to receive a Grammy because she trusted Cooper. She allowed him bring her out of her shell and he, so lovingly nurtured it, till she was confident enough to stand on her own.

God works in really amazing ways, He connects us to the right people, in the right places and at the best times.

Our own is just to Trust and Obey.

5. Don’t let anyone pressure you to do anything! Not even see a movie

Don’t beat me please lol.

But really, I probably would have watched something else that evening had I intentionally planned by seeing trailers and watching reviews.

I told my sister she had to pay me back for the money I spent at the cinema, but generally, I guess it was alright.

For me, its a 4/10 generally (plot and all), but the acting skills and raw emotion of Gaga and Cooper is a very confident 9/10.

lady gaga

Left or Right?

I’m a huge propagator of the learning culture. I think we should all be learning and evolving daily. I still think there are several levels of knowledge yet to be uncovered in this life and personally it’s enough motivation to learn every single time.

Contrary to popular opinion that experience is the best teacher, I think reading is the best teacher. While experience might give you a subjective opinion about something, reading will allow you think about it objectively and realise the best practices with those things.

I’m also of the opinion that we can all be readers. Not all of us are, but we can all be. Feel free to take on that challenge.

In pursuit for knowledge, I sat the other day while having my lunch, listening to a message on Decision making the God way and this man said so much about how God sees decisions and really what decision making is all about.

He broke it into 3 categories and i’ll save you the blocks of text and write them in sub-headings. Hopefully this is easier to read.

  • The Sovereign will of God
  • The Revealed will of God
  • The Non-moral will of God

The Sovereign

This is not a will that we have any effect over. It is not one we get a say over. We either accept it or not.

You probably didn’t have a say over what family you will be born into. You also probably didn’t have a say over what day you will be born and you also can’t say what day or time you might leave this earth.

This will of God has since been established and settled. Long before we even realised it. God’s sovereign will for us is always of Good and not of evil, so don’t get scared or concerned that you don’t have a say over it.

The Revealed

The revealed will of God is the word of God. Everything in the word of God, interpreted as led by the Spirit of God is the will of God. Everything we could ever think or come across in this life is actually in that bible, so when we have similar situations, God would expect us to handle them according to how the bible tells us to, because handling it this way, will be walking in the will of God.

Theoretically, the revealed will is the most accessible cause it’s right there, Just pick up your bible.

The Non-moral

This one caught my attention squarely, and if I wanted to be honest, I probably paid attention to this part more than any other.

Questions such as:

“Should I pursue a masters  after graduation or get a job?”, “Should I marry this God-fearing woman I like or not?”, “Should I move closer to home or stay where I am?”

Are questions that fall in this category. They are not questions whos answers are right or wrong but left or right.

7 main points to note when dealing with such decisions

  • Biblically, men were not held guilty for left or right decisions
  • God gives us freedom to ACT! It is one of the features we get from being created in His image
  • Wise, godly counsel is very important when making such decisions
  • Do not be hasty, check your motives
  • If you have the Spirit of God in you, you need to listen to your heart sometimes, the Holy Spirit doesn’t stand screaming at us. He influences the inclinations of our hearts
  • Pray for divine providence
  • Once you have prayed and weighed your motives against the revealed will, ACT!

These are my notes from the message and I hope you’re edified as much as I was.

Decision making if that inevitable part of life that we cannot escape. The wise thing is to camp with the one who sees it all holistically and not in part like we do.


Bloom where you’re planted

I don’t know if you’ve ever been privileged to watch a plant grow from the point where it is planted to the point where it breaks out of the soil and actually begins to produce leaves and even fruits!

It’s one of the most beautiful things in this world and if you’re the person who planted it initially, there is even a level of pride at watching something you plant and take care of, grow and begin to bear fruits.

Do you notice something though?, That where you place the plant is where you come back and meet it. Provided someone has not come to change it’s position.

The person planting is just mindful to place it where it would get sufficient nutrients to grow properly and produce fruits as expected.

Evidently, the plant blooms wherever it is planted.

It doesn’t look at the next plant and think ‘hmmn, I could bloom from that angle, or in that direction’, it also does not think that it’s bloom might be more if it moved. What really happens when you plant a seed is that it focuses on blooming where it is in the best possible way, provided you’ve placed it in the right terms and conditions.

We’re human beings and there’s the likelihood that we find ourselves looking at the lives of people around us and sometimes even completely forgetting about our own growth. We entertain thoughts of how differently our lives might have spanned out if only we were planted ‘Like this or like that’.

We stunt our own growth by not focusing on us but on all other blooming plants around us.

Here’s the beauty of the Sovereign God we serve, He has not planted us in a stack method, by that I mean, He didn’t create you and place you where He was at that time, or create and place us in an alphabetical order. He purposely and intentionally created us and placed us where He felt we would be best suited and where we would flourish the best!

As it would ironical for a plant to tell the planter that ‘Hey, this place you’ve planted me, I wouldn’t bloom best. Why not plant me there?’.

It would be aberrational for us to advice God on where we might bloom the best when we only see, know and perceive per time. One second to the next.

But we do this every time! We entertain thoughts that we might bloom best somewhere else or might produce better fruits if placed in another place and what we do is to tell the Planter that He isn’t as all-knowing as He thinks He is and we know better.

That my friend, is what I call Hilarious! And sometimes I actually feel like God looks at some of the things we look at and think we might bloom better if in same position and He laughs hysterically, because He sees the blooming levels you could reach that far outweigh what you’re comparing yourself with if only you would focus in blooming where you have been planted.


Purify our Passion

I was recently singing Victoria Orenze’s ‘Brooding’ song, and for anyone who hasn’t heard it, I permit you to stop this blog post here, go and listen and come back and continue.

Really. Go listen to the song.

In that song, she speaks of Light brooding over every darkness and confesses light to shine in every place where darkness exists.

Her verses aren’t very much related to the light theme, but are all still relevant to the overall song.

A line in the verse reads ‘Come purify my passions, come and make us new’.

And I’ve listened to that song for a number of times, but I haven’t quite understood that line till recently, when I was singing it on my own and I got hit with the reality in that line.

I’m sure we can all agree that we’re human beings created with passions, we hear people say ever so often, “I have a passion for…”, “I am passionate about..” and on and on relating to passion.

The dictionary describes passion as ‘strong and barely controllable emotion’.

It is actually something so powerful in every human being and for the majority of us, our passions cannot be hidden, not as a result of a deliberate attempt to make it visible, but because it is what it is, a passion.

Here’s the carveat with this ‘barely controllable emotion’, they are not immune to impurities or attacks and i’ll explain what I mean.

That you have an innate passion to or for something or someone does not automatically make it pure or mean it to always be borne from the best motives and intentions. Our passions can be skewed, manipulated and infiltrated. That it is something borne from the depth of our being doesn’t make it immune to attacks which explains the line in that song to ‘Purify our passions…’

I was thinking further about this and more subjectively to my life and I began to see how important this prayer is.

We live in a world where people are celebrated for the good they do, the value they add and the processes they simplify.

People are rewarded and given accolades for the good done, and because we’re human beings needing acceptance and approval, we inhabit in the praises and the accolades that come our way and sometimes, in the process, forget the purpose and aim of the action from the beginning.

In a recent conversation I had with some ladies, it became apparent that before we do anything in life, whether or not you realise it, you answer the question why?

Why am I about to have lunch? because I am hungry.

Why am I about to go for my lecture? because I need the knowledge that will be passed across to sit my exams and do my coursework.

There’s always a why to answer and when our why is defeated, we either don’t do whatever it is, slack in it or do it, but for ulterior motives.

Our passions can be infiltrated with the thoughts of the gifts, accolades and wishes of this world. We can reduce our passions to living it out just for what is coming at the end of it, and so it becomes less about the innate driving force and more about what we can get out of it, a process the world calls black mail.

We blackmail our own passions in order to get the accolades of society.

I don’t think you need me to say how dangerous this is, but what I can say is that it is an intentional and conscious process.

It would require answering the why before you do anything and also praying daily that God should purify your passions.

It is a lesson we remember from one of the girls in Bad girls of the bible, that whenever we choose to do something or be something because ‘there is something in it for us‘, it might be good to check within ourselves if we’re sabotaging the God-given passions within us.


Inside Out

inside out

Disney animations have always been my favourites. Mainly because they have amazing moral lessons that are quite easy to pick out.
‘Inside out’ would be my first pick in the midst of them all, for the beautiful story line and ultimately the fact that it was very relatable in terms of being able to express different emotions at different times and in different circumstances.

‘Inside out’ suggested, or rather told us that every emotion in us has a person somewhere in our “emotion room” where they all stay and have turns to control our physical emotions depending on the situation.
In inside out, there was angry, safety, happy, disgust and sad.

The protagonist in the movie was a young adolescent girl, Riley, who was the only child of her parents and had just moved from where she had grown up and known all her life to another part of the country due to her fathers work.
As expected, she was finding it hard to completely accept the change with all the effects it’ll have on her, her schooling and also friends, so her ’emotion representatives’ were finding it hard to know how to control and react to situations.

In this little girls head, among her ’emotion people’, her happy was the leader. She called the shots and decided who controlled and when.
This made so much sense to me, not only because she was a child but because she was a happy child and mostly had happy experiences and memories.

I was sitting, happily enjoying my movie till I got to a part of the movie where we got to see the ’emotion people’ for both her mum and her dad.
In both of them, the same emotions existed only that in her mums ’emotion room’, sad was the leader and in her dads, anger was the leader …

I began to think, it may or may not have been an oversight but I wasn’t entirely sure what message it was now passing on to kids because this automatically meant that a child would mostly be happy, a mother mostly sad and a father mostly angry. Because the leading emotions in everyone’s control room implied the emotion that was the most dominant.

Someone would say I was mature enough to notice that, so I did a little experiment.
I made my two little neighbours sit and watch the movie with me again and when I got to that part, sitting as normal as ever, the 4 year old screams “her daddy is always angry.” And that just proved to me that I wasn’t thinking it too much.

The media is one very powerful influence, and beyond all the subliminal ‘evil’ messages are the very obvious ‘not-to-harmful’ ones that ironically even cause more damage.

Don’t get me wrong, Disney movies are actually amazing and all but you still have to be careful what your kid watches but ultimately, prove to them in your character and behaviour that what they’re watching isn’t always true. Mummies aren’t always sad and daddies aren’t always angry and on second thought, not all children are always happy.

I also didn’t understand how Riley’s representative for angry, irrespective of her gender was male but her representative for happy was female.

But it’s cool Disney, we still love you


One of my all time favourite songs says ‘Your love never fails, it never gives up, it never runs out on me’… And repeat, and repeat.

I get goosebumps each time I sing that song because first, i’m reminded of my humanity in the sense that my love is capable of giving up and running out, and then I realise that if as a human, it is possible for me, it is equally possible for another human to have their love for me giving up or running out and so, I am Humbled!

Humbled that I get to be loved by a perfect Father who is not human

Humbled that this love is not dependent on something in my life

Humbled that it is a love that is there in spite and not because

Humbled that I do nothing to receive, earn or merit this love

And humbled that it remains, even if I don’t.

And this pushes me back into this presence because while I know the love comes independent of me, I want to know, experience and be able to disseminate the exact same kind of love to the people around me because I see how sweet, and how satisfying it is and I want everyone, anyone to be a partaker too.

I don’t know where you are, or what you’re doing right now, but know that JESUS love never fails, it never gives up and It’ll never run out on you.

It’s the only love you need trust me, everything else finds it’s way of aligning once you get this one aligned.

Minister or Minister?

This is for any kind of minister who feels that she/he can be blessed by any and every ministry except their own!

I learnt from a very close friend of mine early in life that there was a difference between ministry life and personal life, particularly for the people who are into full time ministries, and this isn’t creating dichotomies of the different aspects in life because frankly, inviting God into your life is letting him take it all, and not just some parts.

But from my thoughts, you’ll begin to see how there are Ministers who preach on and on about peace and serenity in marriage and homes and yet, have their own homes in shambles, or for some who pray and see members healed instantly but have wives or children struggling at home with same illnesses, but same anointing does not seem to work.

And this post is not to cast a stone or shame anyone in any way but to bring a wisdom from.

I’ve had days when I felt like crap or had thoughts randomly come to mind and I hear and sense the Holy Spirit leading me to look at some of the blog posts I have written, either on here, on my old blog, or even in my personal journals.

What this means is, that I wrote it, does not exempt me from learning from it, or insinuate in anyway that I know it best and have come to live above anything I’ve written.

I think it should be a commonality with Christian writers especially, that you realise a lot of times that the Holy Spirit gives you the inspiration and words to write, and so you know that when your own Spirit and flesh fail you, you can refer back to the Holy-spirit inspired writings, which I have to say, helps all the time!.

I don’t write or speak about things because I have conquered them, neither do I write with thoughts that i’m writing only for readers, I now write knowing that one day, any day, I can be led back to edify my own Spirit by what I was led to write at an earlier time in my life.

Here’s the fun part, we’re all ministers, in one way or the other, daily, we find ourselves ministering to people. It might not be via a blog like this or on a podium with a microphone in hand and a congregation, but it is ministry because other people are being edified by being in contact with you in whatever way.

The point is to know that your ministry, gifts, talents, graces and strengths are not only for those around you to benefit. Sometimes, it will be a source for your own self as funny as that sounds.

This is not to give credibility to hypocrisy for people to preach what they don’t do or speak about things they themselves still struggle with, but as one of my favourite phrases reads, Balance is always a major key. The idea is to be led and guided by the Holy Spirit, but don’t ever close your mind to think that the solution you seek cannot come from the same you who has the problem.

The Holy Spirit will leave you feeling like :