E for Effort

I’ve been on a book by A.W. Tozer for a week now, it’s actually a compendium of some of his teachings while he was alive. There’s no way we wouldn’t have thought him archaic, rigid or like most people like to say today, ‘radical’, because his teachings are concentrated and honestly don’t have some of … Continue reading E for Effort

No excuse

A little over a month ago, on my way to work, I searched for my earpiece and couldn’t find it. I was agitated because I was late and I needed it because it is part of my morning routine to listen to messages on my commute to work. Running out of time and searching frantically … Continue reading No excuse

Keep moving

For me, this year has been a ‘soldiering on’ year, many people might read that and think “hmm, isn’t that every year?”, but Nahh, for me, this year was that year that amidst all obstacles I just woke up every morning and I said “oh well, we have to keep moving”. So amidst the waiting, … Continue reading Keep moving


A few weeks ago I was crossing the road with my friend, I didn’t know when I started shouting “please hold my hand”. She was puzzled and told me to calm down that she was watching too. I didn’t doubt anything of what she said, it was when we got to the other side of … Continue reading Free

New realities

When my dad suffered a stroke in 2016, while he was in a coma after his surgery, I remember my mum having several meetings with the neurosurgeons and cardiologists so often. We were already on edge due to the nature of the situation so whenever I spoke to her, I’d always ask what the doctors … Continue reading New realities