Make a wish?

One of my favourite Hillsong tune is 'Seasons', if you have never listened to it before, I really encourage you to make time and check it out. You can tell that the author of Seasons had been open to a reality that more believers need to come into. The reality that in every season of … Continue reading Make a wish?

Dear Saint,

As often as you remember today, spend some time praying in the Spirit. There’s a lot happening in the spiritual realm, there’s always a lot going on in the spiritual realm, but this battle is one of territories and to quote one of my all time faves, “A territory echoes the voice of the occupants”. … Continue reading Dear Saint,

Open your eyes!

The devil sees environments conducive for his operations and he takes full advantage of it. He doesn’t care how that environment came to be, he just sees opportunity to promote his agenda and he does not relent until his full agenda of killing, stealing and destroying is done. Sometimes we feel hurt in our hearts … Continue reading Open your eyes!