Rib yet to find its cage and Rib sitting in its cage alike.


The above message was broadcast and a few responses came back from women alike who didn’t completely agree with the post and had other opinions that strongly negated the point stated in the message above, however, I personally feel like the responses given showed that the recipients missed the point of the post.

I got talking with a Pastor who fortunately happens to be my friend as well and he had amazing words of wisdom which I thought was definitely worth sharing, so please be blessed and read with eyes of the Spirit and not that of your natural self.

“The woman is blessed and has been endowed to influence, support, and aid her man, yet submit to his leadership.

Through what mechanism?

Several of them. But one very crucial one is ‘speaking’, ‘use of Words’

Look back at the post “Fewer things soothe a man’s heart more than knowing the woman he loves can SPEAK to him in a time, and with WORDS, that can…”

The law of kindness on a person’s lips is attractive. See this – one of the strengths of the Virtuous woman…

Proverbs 31:26 KJV
She opens her mouth with wisdom; and in her tongue is the LAW OF KINDNESS.

The way a woman speaks to her husband, and the content of her speech reveals so much about her understanding of her place in that man’s life and that has a huge impact on the man’s life and destiny. I wish we could ask John Wesley more, He’s an anointed man who married quite a woman! Also, Little wonder Pastor Chris Delvan (Also an anointed Man of God) would say, when a godly woman meets her man, she just realises that submission is ‘easy’.

Even unbelievers know this. When pastor Adeboye married Pastor Folu, they both weren’t believers, we can’t say God spoke to him but I’m certain one of the qualities he saw in her was kindness on her lips. Soothing words! (At least we know she has consistently had a good report in this regard) Little wonder he could soar this high.

Oh God bless us in this manner!

A woman can know more about her role in a man’s life if she sits to learn some things about the Holy Spirit in a believer’s life. Of course she is not the Holy Spirit, but both roles resonate in a manner- in that they both help, sooth, inspire, aid etc. How does the Holy Spirit speak to us? how forceful is he? How inspiring, soothing and supportive are his words to us?

The mechanism of speaking and use of Words would remain a game changer in any marriage or relationship, and more so for both parties. In the context of this piece, man’s help-meet can maximise this; and even do this in a manner that is pure, submissive, joyful, and not controlling or forceful.

The Hebrew word for kindness as in Proverbs 31:26 is ‘chesed’ and it means (Strong’s definition): kindness ; by implication (towards God) piety ; rarely reproof (by opprobrium), or (subjectively) beauty: favour, good deed, kindly, merciful (kindness).

Maybe the use of ‘correct his course’ and ‘re-direct his soul’ (as per the screenshot above) might be quite weighty phrases to have been used (and could be misleading) but the point is clear, a woman’s words have an unimaginable impact on her man, positively or negatively as the case may be; and she can choose the law of kindness on her lips!

Of course this piece does not exclude the man from the need to bless his wife with well-spoken words; but it is in direct response to the text in question, ” – Pastor Emmanuel

The entire response were his thoughts and I couldn’t agree more. I pray God gives every woman the wisdom and words to be the complete meet to the need she’s been placed in a mans life.

Down and Out? Not yet!


Kelechi Nwankpa

There’s a story in the new testament that got very little scene time, but it’s captures a great truth nonetheless .

Paul stopped by a house in a town called Troas, to break bread with fellow believers, as is his customary style. He went on and on, unveiling deep truths, and there was a man named Eutychus seated at the window on the third floor, who decided to practice “deep meditation” as Paul spoke. Can you imagine?

Paul, the man who was whisked into the third heavens, and shown great mysteries which couldn’t be known to man, someone would sleep at his sermon. Nah, sleeping in church didn’t just start today, you’re in good hands, lol. This man fell off the window to the ground during his “deep meditation” and probably died. Paul comes down, lays hands on him, embraces this man, and assures everyone that he’s alive!

Have you had or known someone who has had similar experiences to Eutychus? Despite the availability of the word and light all around, we still fall into one unhealthy habit or the other, still living below the glory mark God has set for us, still being trapped by labels all over social media. Could we be like Paul, going down to the level of one another and administering words of life? Could we be like Paul that calls forth light out of the supposed darkness? Could we be like Paul who wouldn’t be pressured to speak out of faith?


To write or not to write?


Chukwuemeka Nwagboso

Growing up, my dad always hammered the purpose of writing things down. He said that whatever you have in mind, be it Plans, a thought or ideas, always put them down on paper. My dad didn’t just tell us to do it, he showed us. He had a book specially for plans of the day, he had a book for work, he had a book for building plans, he even had a book for his children. He literally gave us books and said “always write things, do not carry anything in your head because if you do, you will forget it “.

Why should you write things down?

When you write things down it helps you pen down your thoughts on a piece of paper. Sometimes amazing ideas might come into our heads or even God might be talking to us, and if we refuse to write this down, we might end up losing this thought in our heads forever. Writing things down helps us to assess information later. How many times have you thought of the groceries you need to get from Tesco, only to go there and come back realising you actually forgot something? This is a clear example that no matter how smart or brilliant one could be the mind can’t retain every thought of ours.

Another reason why we should write things down is because it could be beneficial to other people. If those men inspired by God didn’t write down the accounts of God, the Bible we all read today will not be available to us. Also, this account would have died in the minds of the inspired men of God. Exodus 17: 14 says – “The Lord said unto Moses, write this for a memorial in a book, and rehearse it in the ears of Joshua: for I will utterly put out the remembrance of Amalek from under heaven”.
That verse takes me to my final point on why we need to write things down. Finally, we need to write things for remembrance/ reference. The Bible in Isaiah 30: 8 says- “Now go, write it before them on a tablet, and note it on a scroll, that it may be for time to come, forever and ever”. This verse tells us simply that He wants us to write things down and what we write down could last the test of time. In the Bible, David talked about how he understood the Lord in writing (Read 1 Chronicles 28:19)

Remember earlier when I talked about God talking to us and if we refuse to write it down, we might forget it. The book of Habakkuk 2:2 clearly explains this point. Personally, I like how one version puts it. It says: “And then God answered; Write this, write what you see. Write it out in big block letters so that it can be read on the run”. Another version says; “And the Lord answered me, and said, write the vision, and make it plain upon tablets, that he may run who reads it”. I advise that you use whichever version that speaks to you more. Jeremiah 30:2 says “Thus speaks the Lord God of Israel, saying: ‘Write in a book for yourself all the words that I have spoken to you’.

I didn’t usually like writing things down but I have learnt its importance. I looked at myself when I hardly put things down and I realised some of the mistakes I made. I am writing all this down because at the closing of church today (March 10, 2019) the Holy spirit said to put this down. Though I don’t like writing but I saw this as a test. I have combined my writing with a little bit of research. I told myself I wouldn’t be distracted with any other thing tonight until I finish this write up.

God Bless You!!!