Down and Out? Not yet!


Kelechi Nwankpa

There’s a story in the new testament that got very little scene time, but it’s captures a great truth nonetheless .

Paul stopped by a house in a town called Troas, to break bread with fellow believers, as is his customary style. He went on and on, unveiling deep truths, and there was a man named Eutychus seated at the window on the third floor, who decided to practice “deep meditation” as Paul spoke. Can you imagine?

Paul, the man who was whisked into the third heavens, and shown great mysteries which couldn’t be known to man, someone would sleep at his sermon. Nah, sleeping in church didn’t just start today, you’re in good hands, lol. This man fell off the window to the ground during his “deep meditation” and probably died. Paul comes down, lays hands on him, embraces this man, and assures everyone that he’s alive!

Have you had or known someone who has had similar experiences to Eutychus? Despite the availability of the word and light all around, we still fall into one unhealthy habit or the other, still living below the glory mark God has set for us, still being trapped by labels all over social media. Could we be like Paul, going down to the level of one another and administering words of life? Could we be like Paul that calls forth light out of the supposed darkness? Could we be like Paul who wouldn’t be pressured to speak out of faith?


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