Blame the 99

I recently came across a video on Instagram posted by a lady. The caption in the video was “Here’re the church members that supported me through my divorce”. The video showed only her smiling the whole time, which was to mean that there was no support from her church members through her divorce. The caption … Continue reading Blame the 99

Purposed rejection

After God arrested Paul on his way to Damascus and had opened his eyes through Ananias, we see Paul ending up back in Jerusalem after escaping people who wanted to kill him in Damascus. The bible says that when he attempted joining the disciples there in Jerusalem, they were scared because they still harboured thoughts … Continue reading Purposed rejection

Fake doctor

A few months ago I observed a boil on my gum, from my little science knowledge I know they often result from bacterial infections so I thought to myself that I just needed to get antibiotics. Without consulting any medical practitioner further, I went online, did my research and just asked my doctor the most … Continue reading Fake doctor

Power pass Power

When we encounter a power higher than our own, there is a restriction that comes, I wouldn’t want to call it humility, because true humility must be birth from choosing to be humble, but in such a case, one has encountered something stronger and so they have no choice but to be restricted, not because … Continue reading Power pass Power