The one area failure is guaranteed

We cannot create a better god of our imagination compared to the one true living God.

Even our imagination is lacking in its ability to think up a magnificence and wisdom that exceeds the one of the one true God.

The most we’ll convince ourselves of as being best, in the god of our imagination is that he was crafted bespoke to appear, behave and act a certain way that favours us or appeals to our conscience.

At a later time, that same created god of our imagination will be found lacking in another area for us because we’re incapable of thinking up the extent of the satisfaction we derive from God and how the one true God brings that satisfaction.

We will be tempted numerous times to erect a god of our imagination per season, but we must fight it, because in time, that counterfeit begins to challenge the one true God in our hearts and minds and we begin to judge the one true God as unjust and unfair, when we’re the ones who placed the counterfeit on the throne of our lives.

The one true God of the universe is lacking in nothing, even when there appears to be an area of our life that’s found wanting. Even then, it is not a question of the sufficiency of the God of the universe, but a question of One reserving all aseity to determine what is best for us per time, even if we’re too impatient and fleshy to see the beauty of His work.

We can only try in our best human efforts to make a god that mirrors the one true God, but time will reveal that we even lack a full understanding of our design and operation as human beings and so will underestimate or overestimate the quality of the faux god of our imagination.

We must search our hearts as often as daily, evaluating ourselves and renouncing every erected god of our doing until God sits enthroned and unrivalled in us.

There’s still much to know and understand about the God of the universe and as we submit ourselves to know Him, we’ll see clearly why every counterfeit god could never mirror or replace the one true God in a way that satisfies us.

The best we will think to do after we’ve found every created God lacking is put ourselves on the throne of our lives, we’ll think it will allow us take more responsibility, and that’s true, but with it will come such a burden that we were not designed to carry, and in time we self destruct and blame God for letting us sit on His throne over our lives.

May we never be found here, because the one area we will always fail in is creating a replacement god for the God of the universe.

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