Foch Devotional

We are so excited to announce the release of the first Foch devotional themed: An Intimate Walk with the Holy Spirit.

There are so many things to be said on the journey of this devotional from an audible voice in my heart to the actual publication of it. Through it all, God has been good. I have no doubt of the transforming power of God through this devotional because He literally poured out Himself in this and I am just as excited as anyone who gets to see this.

You are able to order yours to any part of the world using the links below:

Foch devotional (Nigeria)

Foch devotional (UK, US, Rest of the world)

Also bear in mind that if you would rather have the e-copy, you’re able to order it off same links above.

Thanks in advance for committing to walking this journey of life with The Spirit of God. I have tasted and seen and I can tell you that the Lord is good.

A 365 days devotional to spur you in an intimate walk with The Holy Spirit.

What you will get from this devotional:

  • Practical daily examples of walking with the Holy Spirit
  • Recommendation on books to read and sermons to listen to
  • A daily reflection to get you thinking through your day

This comes with a free confession e-book for any man in your life who could be a significant other or not and will be sent with the devotional.