The F.O.C.H Vision.

Hey There,

Welcome to the FOCH Woman blog.

There is so much to be said, but I promise to keep it as short as I can.

F.O.C.H woman initially came as a vision to one of our co-founders. She literally was praying one day and the Holy Spirit revealed a need for us to raise a generation of women complete in God. God’s idea of a complete woman.

While praying, she says, “I asked God what His idea of a complete woman was, and the Holy Spirit answered and said a FOCH woman. lool, well not exactly like that but the Holy Spirit told me to begin to read and study the women in the bible. I did that for two weeks straight. The kind of reader I am, I also have to be writing, if not, I wouldn’t really get anything. so as I progressed, the Holy Spirit told me to begin to pick out the similarities in the lives of these women.

If you are a bible student and you think about it, it would literally be so hard, I could not see any similarities at first. Because you see, they all had different backgrounds, some were rich, others not so, some were leaders, others weren’t and so many other differences. Then I began to pray some more and told the Holy Spirit to open my eyes to the similarities because I could not even get one out. He then said ‘I told you to pick out the similarities in the personalities of these women and not their stories’. And then it hit me.

All along, I had been looking out for similarities in their stories and that was the reason I couldn’t seem to even find one.

I had to start all over again, reading about the women. But this time, with clearer eyes, being very observant of their personalities. And when I was done, I ended up with 4 words in my book. OBEDIENT, HARDWORKING, FAVORED, CONFIDENT.

This was the way it appeared initially as I wrote but for some reason, I found myself playing with the first letter of each word before F.O.C.H jumped out at me.

Every single woman who worked with God in the bible and had glorious ends were all F.O.C.H women.

Yes, I screamed and I asked God, “what do you want me to do with this?” and He said clearly ‘This is the woman I want you to be, and then I want you to raise me a generation of complete women. Women complete in me”.

And that my friend, is what led to what you read now.

We are on a mission to retain, promote and uphold values among women, both young and old, now and for generations to come.

And our vision is to raise a generation of Favored, Obedient, Confident and Hardworking women who remain so regardless of change in times.





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