Progress > Perfection

I was inclined to think that a woman after God’s heart would be perfect, at least if not entirely, just a few inches from perfect. And then I looked at myself and I asked God, “where would the perfection come from?” guess the response?

A resounding echoing silence.

Over the following days, He began to make me look at the story of David. David was the man in the bible who got the title “The man after God’s heart”.  And quite frankly, David was miles, plenty miles away from perfect. I was trying to use that to console myself and get all excited, thinking that ‘well, okay so maybe I don’t have to be perfect to be the woman after God’s heart’, but God stopped me right there and brought my attention to the detailed life of David. David was not perfect but he was definitely open to progress and growth by correction and repentance.

Which is to say that it’s fine that you are not perfect right now, but are you making effort towards being perfect like David did?,  Are you ensuring that when you make a mistake once, and you realize and repent, you make effort to avoid being in such a mistake again?

This was the attitude of David. He had such a beautiful and repentant heart and I feel like that was what earned Him that title.

To be a woman complete in God, God wants you perfect, yes He does. Which explains why He told Abraham to work before Him and be perfect. If it was not possible, God would not have required it from him.

But even as this is God’s desire, He fully acknowledges the fact that we are human and prone to make mistakes sometimes, which really is why there is grace and also Salvation. So what God requires more from you is effort to make progress in your daily growth in Him. Progress in having better human relationships, progress in being a better friend, progress in being more understanding with people, progress in making a conscious effort to make time out for your devotion and quiet time, and progress in a lot of other areas. God wants to honor your progress.

Perfection is the goal, but while you’re on the path, make progress when there is a need too. Not when you feel like, or if it is convenient, but when you have too.

A F.O.C.H woman understands that progress with time brings perfection. So we’re more out for making progress, knowing that with time, perfection will come.

So yes, begin to kill the notion that perfection is impossible because it definitely is possible. With the help of God.

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