If you were born to African parents and grew up in Africa, I think this is one of the fastest virtues you would learn. From young ages like 3, they would already be sending you to call this person or that person or bring this or that. And well, if you do not do it, you always have yourself to blame.

As you grow, you also find out that you tend to do a lot of things you are told to do, especially by a parent or an older individual or even someone you look up too. A lot of times, may not be right, but all we’re thinking is, ‘at least it isn’t hurting someone now’.

Obedience in the world we know today is borne from compulsion and majority of the time fear. People are quick to obey when either they have something to get out from it, or whoever is asking them to do whatever occupies a position higher than they do, so more like to get on the good books of such a person do we find people obeying.

Sorry to break the news to you, but that is not obedience. I haven’t been able to find the word for what it is, but from the bible and meditation and conversation with the Holy Spirit, doing something because you’re afraid of what might happen if you don’t do it is not obedience. (i’ll leave it to you to tell you African mum and dad that… lol).

Only recently, God told me what His love language is. He said it is obedience. Every human being has a love language and Gary Chapman’s book “The 5 love languages” has nicely summed it all up. (you should read it before you enter relationships).

Anyway, My love language is Acts of service. Meaning that I will feel loved most when you offer yourself to help in doing something I would’ve otherwise done on my own. You can love me by physical touch, words of affirmation, quality time or gift giving (which are the other types of love languages), and I would appreciate it. But when you love me by acts of service, I will feel loved, and for someone trying to win my heart, you’d have to figure that out fast and love me that way.

The same goes with God, you can stand every morning and declare on and on about how much you love Him and how much you want to be used by Him but the only way He will know and feel those words is if you obey His word completely and totally.God perceives love when He sees obedience (gives me chills… ha ha).

Obedience is borne from love. Contrary to the obedience practised in the world which is borne from fear and compulsion.

This is the obedience God wants in you. This is the obedience a F.O.C.H Woman possesses. Every time she finds herself doing what she was told to do, what is driving her to do it is always love. Nothing else. When you begin to develop this kind of obedience, You tend to be more productive and effective in whatever it is you do. Every F.O.C.H woman in the bible possessed this kind of obedience.

This is the second word for the letter ‘O’ that God put in F.O.C.H Woman. God wants to build this obedience in you, if you would let Him.

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