favoured  F for FAVOURED

Favored was the first word God put in F.O.C.H. It was not the first word I wrote down when receiving the F.O.C.H Woman vision but it was the word God put first when He made me rearrange it. I didn’t think there was anything significant about that really, until I finished writing it all down and began to study each of these words in relation to the women in the bible.

Every woman that walked with God in the bible found favor before God, and you will see that all these women all ended victorious. When God’s favor is upon you, you will always find favor before men. It just works like that.

Now, you might be thinking, How do I obtain God’s favor?

Sorry to burst your bubbles but God’s favor is already on you. There’s no earning or obtaining it. This is exactly what God said to me, because while He was teaching me on building the other three characters (Obedience, Confidence and Hard work), He said to me, “you all have already found favor in my sight”. It came with your creation. Because He created you, He has favored you.

So you can do nothing to earn His favor on your life. It is already there, the only thing you need to do is to understand how this favor works and use it to the Glory of God’s name.

According to the dictionary, to be favored is to be preferred or recommended. Just imagine that. God prefers you. (you need to write that down and stick it somewhere in your room).

After studying from the stories of the women in the bible, I found that favor is the grace of God on your life to always receive a yes. Now people might argue and go back and forth of how impossible it is to always receive a yes, but I want you to understand that in the will of God, you always receive a yes. Outside God’s will, be rest assured you would receive no’s which is why you hear people say a lot of times, that ‘rejection might be redirection’. It really is not the case all the time but the leading of the spirit helps you know when it is really redirection and when you need to try again. Because some times, ‘no’ could be a test of faith.

I want you to understand that God has already favored you. All you need to do is operate under that favor. I’ll be writing a post on operating under God’s favor so watch out for that.

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