H for Hardworking.

H is the last letter in FOCH. And it stands for Hardworking. Hardworking is probably the most evident characteristic in all FOCH Women in the bible. They were just so committed and dedicated to doing their work.

Have you ever sat and wondered why we have to work hard? like why couldn’t things just be easier? why do we have to get jobs and work before we eat? if God is all sufficient, why do we need to pay bills and get money and buy food and clothes and all?

I know it gets annoying sometimes. but have you also sat and imagined if everything came easy? if no one had to work to get anything, if we did not need to work to get money?doesn’t sound so bad picturing that in your head right? lol

Now take your thoughts and attention to the attitude and character of people if that was the case. If everything came easy, would there be a need for anyone to be humble or polite or considerate of others? No, i don’t think so.

In a nutshell, Hard work builds character in a person, hard work teaches us good godly values and it’ll be nice to note that to work has always been in the loop for us right from creation. It was not some kind of sin punishment or curse God put on us. It was His plan for us to work. Hard work also gives you a sense of fulfilment and achievement. when you know you’ve done the right thing, the right way and at the right time, there’s a kind of good pride you feel within you.

As a FOCH Woman, God wants you hardworking. He wants you very diligent and dedicated to whatever you put your hands to do. He wants people who work with you to want to know Him more because of the way you do your own work and the results you present.

Hard work is also one of the worlds principles, even without knowledge of the bible, any human being knows that if you do not work, you will not eat.

God wants to use you, and if He’s going to use you, He is going to prepare you, because He does not call the qualified but qualifies those He calls. Part of His preparation in you is building the attitude and principle of hard work.

We’ll be learning what it means to a hard worker by bible standards which is standard for anywhere you find yourself in life.

God wants you to be Hard working.

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