Here’s the basic and first truth about being a FOCH Woman. It is all about you, not about your friends, or your parents or your future husband or current husband.

One of my secrets to choosing principles in life is weighing it with the motives behind them, if I find myself changing temporarily just to accommodate someone, gain an approval or be society’s expectation in  whatever regard, I try to abstain completely from it.

God calling you to be a FOCH Woman is Him calling you to make you into what His thoughts looked like before He started creating you, it’s Him taking you and refining you to exactly as He sees you in His mind. You should not feel that you are being shaped into what is appropriate or needful because you are only being built to be the best you God has created you to be.

By now, you must have realised that the best version of yourself you can be is the God version. Not the version society wants or the version your parents want.

Being  a FOCH woman is aligning you into the woman God intended for you to be and making you His definition of complete. You are the only factor coming into play in being a FOCH Woman not what anyone thinks or says.

Be OBEDIENT for you!

Be CONFIDENT for you!


You are already FAVOURED of God so bask in that favour and be exactly who He has created you to be.

As you align yourself as a person to who God wants you to be, you begin to reach out to people around you, not even through verbal confrontation but your lifestyle begins to speak for you, and with time, we make the women in the world FOCH.

It’s kinda like “i’m starting with the woman in the mirror”.

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