Building the errors to get to my solution

Technology has a way of educating you beyond the stereotype of its being just computing and software.

While majority of people think technology is computers and programming, you’d see that there’s actually so much more to it, especially if you end up putting your hand to the plough.
I was looking at a firewall issue at work on Tuesday and I was getting a bit uneasy because with every step I took thinking it was closer to the solution, it didn’t seem to have an effect on that problem so I decided I definitely needed help.
I asked a senior IT personnel to have a look and he did.
We sat together going through exactly what I had already looked at and then continued from there.
A few minutes later, with some of the trouble shooting methods he had tried, I realised we had 2 more different error messages added to the one we started with.
I was actually starting to get just a bit uncomfortable and thought of asking him to let me continue from where I stopped despite not knowing the next steps to take, but I mean, it was better than the multiplication of errors I was watching him do.
What baffled me most was that with every new error message, he got excited and looked at me cheerfully and I was sitting there like ‘noooo’.
This was until the end. When the pin dropped.
I realised that with every error message that came, it took us closer to the solution of the problem. The error messages that came after the first one was leading us closer and closer to our solution.
But Rubie didn’t see that 🤦🏽‍♀️
I was only seeing the increase in error, but the errors were the breakthrough to the solution
I think it applies to so much more beyond firewall.
We get fed up with the mistakes and the errors in our lives and we’re thinking “rather than add to it, let’s sit back where we are or completely even change the issue because we can’t crack this one error”
But like me, we don’t see that the deeper you get in the mistake or the more the errors come, the clearer the solution will be and the quicker the destination will come.
Today, I learnt to be FEARLESS of errors and be jumpy when they’re more errors than the one I started with.
I feel powerful with this knowledge!
You should too!

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