The Fiercest Battle

The only physical battle some of us will ever fight is with our siblings. Not all of us will get to fight as part of an army on a battle ground. I can’t say it’s something I’ve wished to do but it raises a lot of curiosity when I do watch it in movies or read about it in books.

I know we’ve heard a hundred times about the battle of the mind and how important it is to stay winning in that battle because your mind has power over your words and actions. And this is so true but I’ve never really understood the elemments in that battle, especially since they call it ‘The Battle of the Mind’.

Is the mind the battle field?, the offence army, or the defence army?

In the last few days, I think I have come to understand what that phrase is. The funniest discovery was that not everyone has to fight this battle because some people give sole power to the body so their spirit is almost non-existent when it comes to having influence over them.

So i’ll start with answering that question posed up there. The mind is actually the battle ground. Depending on your stand in life, your spirit and body are either the offence army or defence army. But those are the 2 elements battling in your mind.

They say the one you feed the most has the most power.

As food is a necessity for human existence, you can already imagine how powerful your body is.

The spirit on the other hand would not usually hurt when it has not been fed or give you discomfort if left unattended, except when you have grown spiritually and begin to hurt the same way your body would when you are hungry.

The Holy Spirit finds home in your own Spirit. Not your body. You might argue that the spirit is resident in the body but remember the body is mortal!

The Holy spirit can be there right now, but you don’t even know it because your spirit can’t even find expression in you because you’ve empowered your body so much it is unaware of another critical part of you.

The body can be synonymous to the flesh. This flesh is susceptible to all manner of influence in the world and your environment which is why it might be crazy to empower it the way most of us have done.

The Holy Spirit does not need any permission to move, but He will move with the capacity you have given Him in you. The more you feed your own Spirit, the more you empower it.

Your spirit’s feed to give the Holy Spirit full capacity to operate is the Word of God. The more of that you take in, the more powerful your Spirit will be.

Our bodies and spirits are in constant battle to influence our thoughts, words and actions. This battle is so fierce that sometimes you feel yourself being very mentally tired but you have all the physical energy.

A powerful woman has control of herself. SELF here is the interplay of her mind, her spirit and her body.

She empowers her spirit to rule over her mind and body. And I need you to see how powerful this is!

Remember the mind is the battle field? if we say that you empower your spirit to rule over your mind, were saying that you have control even over the battle ground, not just the opponent! What could be better? Fighting a battle on a battle field that is subject to the most powerful part of you!

Feed your spirit with Gods word and watch yourself conquer the fiercest battle!



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