Embrace the settings on the washing machine

Once again, I forgot to turn the knob of the washing machine to the wool icon. So it washed my wool in cotton temperature, intensity and speed.

So my beautiful woven sweater came out shrunk, slacked and just not the same.
I was extremely mad.

Fast forward to the same night, I was reading about fabrics. Not for any particular reason but as I read, I became more knowledgeable on the temperature, intensity and speed for each fabric depending on its material. And I saw that if you exposed a material like silk to high cotton temperature, you can say bye to whatever clothing that is.

Majority of us go through trials and we wonder, really genuinely why we need to pass through whatever it is, and there’s that quiet but true questioning to God like ‘what’s going on!?’. We’re not insinuating that everyone doesn’t have their share of trial but yours just seems like it’s to an extent much more or more serious than what others appear to be facing.

I’m not telling you that you’re special or that your blessing is bigger.
Rather, your fabric can just stand that temperature, intensity and speed. You were made with your own guidelines and any influence that would shrink or slack you to the point of destruction wouldn’t exactly come near you so glory in the fact that the temperature you’re in, with its intensity and speed, you’ve been designed to withstand it and still come out looking fresh and clean.

The washing machine isn’t the greatest example but at least know that exposure to temperature, speed and intensity varies with people so embrace your share of trial and await the end of the spinning.

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