Hey guys :),

I’ve finally decided to put up my short stories up here, they’re all very relatable and have moral lessons that I’ll love that you pick up as you read.

It’s the tab beside the blog tab titled short stories. I have attached the link below. I love feedback, so please leave me a comment or email when you read!

And Hey, Happy August! 8 is the number that connotes ‘New Beginnings’ and our word for the month is ‘PROMISE’.

I’ve just returned from a summer school in all the way Asia, I saw, felt and heard God in the most unique ways and I can’t wait to come and share it all with you. But enough about me! Here’s LOVE AND SACRIFICE. Enjoy!




  1. ruki says:

    every time I visit this page,I always get nuggets of wisdom.Right now am learning to accomate an old woman staying with us,its so stretching but this read has somewhat given me a lil push enough to show love and sacrifice. well done sis


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