This month, we started a thing on FOCH woman where we have a word of the Month every Month, and this August, my heart was led to the word Promise.

It is such a vast and deep word depending on an individual but at least two things will mostly come to mind when we hear or think of the word.

Friendship and Trust.

Friendship mostly because it is a commitment from 2 people to be what a friend is to each other and that commitment can be seen as a sort of promise.

Trust because we make and keep promises to people we trust.

Unfortunately, the second is now debatable because you find that people are quick to make promises they actually know they would not keep.

It has ceased to be something that is solemnly upheld and cherished and has become a sort of higher way of sounding truthful.

Our yes, isn’t our yes anymore and our no isn’t a no anymore unless we say ‘I promise…’ I don’t know but I think it has come with this uncaring and individualistic season of ours in this generation.

The things our generation now seem to support, promote the use of promises to denote sincerity and honesty regardless of the fact that we know that we would not meet these promises.

I don’t know about you, but this really unsettles me, I should not need to make a promise for you to believe me and when I do make a promise, it should be that I am actually committing myself to fulfilling this promise.

If we continue like this, we build a society filled with hurt and untruthful people which translates unhealthy relationships.

I want us to commit to lives of truth, this means, our yes, being yes and our no being no. Let’s reject the norm that society is bringing of needing a promise to be made before we can be believed.

I think God expects that from us.

The bible is filled with so many promises and these promises are what God tells us to hold on to and trust Him with. Imagine if God handled promises like we do today?

He wouldn’t be such a good and loving God would he?

Then it’d make you think why we would be comfortable doing same to others around us. I want us to commit to a higher level of responsibility with our words, particularly our promises. Because God actually holds us to what we say, especially the promises. He has called us to something higher. Don’t go with the flow of society!

I wish you a beautiful last week in August! x

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