Upgrade = Change

The software I provided support for at work had a major upgrade a few months to the conclusion of my placement year.

The main aim of the upgrade was to aid clients to be more GDPR compliant.

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is a new policy introduced by the UK government to ensure the protection of people’s data. Which basically means that any company in possession of your details must have it because you have given consent. And if you did receive unsolicited emails, messages or even phone calls, by law, you now have a right to press charges and raise a court case. (I’m not trying to cause any trouble, but really, this information might do you some good).

But my post isn’t to educate you about GDPR, although it is a very good policy that will be really useful for where were headed as a society with how digital the world is getting by the day.

As this was a major upgrade for users, you would definitely expect that things would not be exactly as they use to be because asides the changes made to aid GDPR compliance, it was also done to increase the interactivity, quality and functionality of the software.

Here’s what I could not seem to understand.

I spoke to numerous clients quite often who would complain about ‘this not being like this before’ or ‘this is not how it was in the previous version’ and while I would be excited to walk them through their issues, I was clouded with thoughts of how you agree to get an upgrade and expect everything to remain exactly as they were.

This applies to a lot of things apart from software.

We want to grow, we want to reach new heights, we want to experience new things, but we want to do it from where we are currently. We want the result without the change, the upgrade without the new features and we complain when the upgrade comes and it does not resemble where were coming from, forgetting that the new levels come with their own challenges.

I was deeply challenged by these thoughts and even if I take nothing from placement year, I take that upgrades come with changes, uncomfortable at first, but very beneficial as you get along and learn the ropes.

 #NewLevels=NewDevils  #NeverGetsEasier,YouGetBettter!

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