Minister or Minister?

This is for any kind of minister who feels that she/he can be blessed by any and every ministry except their own!

I learnt from a very close friend of mine early in life that there was a difference between ministry life and personal life, particularly for the people who are into full time ministries, and this isn’t creating dichotomies of the different aspects in life because frankly, inviting God into your life is letting him take it all, and not just some parts.

But from my thoughts, you’ll begin to see how there are Ministers who preach on and on about peace and serenity in marriage and homes and yet, have their own homes in shambles, or for some who pray and see members healed instantly but have wives or children struggling at home with same illnesses, but same anointing does not seem to work.

And this post is not to cast a stone or shame anyone in any way but to bring a wisdom from.

I’ve had days when I felt like crap or had thoughts randomly come to mind and I hear and sense the Holy Spirit leading me to look at some of the blog posts I have written, either on here, on my old blog, or even in my personal journals.

What this means is, that I wrote it, does not exempt me from learning from it, or insinuate in anyway that I know it best and have come to live above anything I’ve written.

I think it should be a commonality with Christian writers especially, that you realise a lot of times that the Holy Spirit gives you the inspiration and words to write, and so you know that when your own Spirit and flesh fail you, you can refer back to the Holy-spirit inspired writings, which I have to say, helps all the time!.

I don’t write or speak about things because I have conquered them, neither do I write with thoughts that i’m writing only for readers, I now write knowing that one day, any day, I can be led back to edify my own Spirit by what I was led to write at an earlier time in my life.

Here’s the fun part, we’re all ministers, in one way or the other, daily, we find ourselves ministering to people. It might not be via a blog like this or on a podium with a microphone in hand and a congregation, but it is ministry because other people are being edified by being in contact with you in whatever way.

The point is to know that your ministry, gifts, talents, graces and strengths are not only for those around you to benefit. Sometimes, it will be a source for your own self as funny as that sounds.

This is not to give credibility to hypocrisy for people to preach what they don’t do or speak about things they themselves still struggle with, but as one of my favourite phrases reads, Balance is always a major key. The idea is to be led and guided by the Holy Spirit, but don’t ever close your mind to think that the solution you seek cannot come from the same you who has the problem.

The Holy Spirit will leave you feeling like :


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