Bloom where you’re planted

I don’t know if you’ve ever been privileged to watch a plant grow from the point where it is planted to the point where it breaks out of the soil and actually begins to produce leaves and even fruits!

It’s one of the most beautiful things in this world and if you’re the person who planted it initially, there is even a level of pride at watching something you plant and take care of, grow and begin to bear fruits.

Do you notice something though?, That where you place the plant is where you come back and meet it. Provided someone has not come to change it’s position.

The person planting is just mindful to place it where it would get sufficient nutrients to grow properly and produce fruits as expected.

Evidently, the plant blooms wherever it is planted.

It doesn’t look at the next plant and think ‘hmmn, I could bloom from that angle, or in that direction’, it also does not think that it’s bloom might be more if it moved. What really happens when you plant a seed is that it focuses on blooming where it is in the best possible way, provided you’ve placed it in the right terms and conditions.

We’re human beings and there’s the likelihood that we find ourselves looking at the lives of people around us and sometimes even completely forgetting about our own growth. We entertain thoughts of how differently our lives might have spanned out if only we were planted ‘Like this or like that’.

We stunt our own growth by not focusing on us but on all other blooming plants around us.

Here’s the beauty of the Sovereign God we serve, He has not planted us in a stack method, by that I mean, He didn’t create you and place you where He was at that time, or create and place us in an alphabetical order. He purposely and intentionally created us and placed us where He felt we would be best suited and where we would flourish the best!

As it would ironical for a plant to tell the planter that ‘Hey, this place you’ve planted me, I wouldn’t bloom best. Why not plant me there?’.

It would be aberrational for us to advice God on where we might bloom the best when we only see, know and perceive per time. One second to the next.

But we do this every time! We entertain thoughts that we might bloom best somewhere else or might produce better fruits if placed in another place and what we do is to tell the Planter that He isn’t as all-knowing as He thinks He is and we know better.

That my friend, is what I call Hilarious! And sometimes I actually feel like God looks at some of the things we look at and think we might bloom better if in same position and He laughs hysterically, because He sees the blooming levels you could reach that far outweigh what you’re comparing yourself with if only you would focus in blooming where you have been planted.


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