Left or Right?

I’m a huge propagator of the learning culture. I think we should all be learning and evolving daily. I still think there are several levels of knowledge yet to be uncovered in this life and personally it’s enough motivation to learn every single time.

Contrary to popular opinion that experience is the best teacher, I think reading is the best teacher. While experience might give you a subjective opinion about something, reading will allow you think about it objectively and realise the best practices with those things.

I’m also of the opinion that we can all be readers. Not all of us are, but we can all be. Feel free to take on that challenge.

In pursuit for knowledge, I sat the other day while having my lunch, listening to a message on Decision making the God way and this man said so much about how God sees decisions and really what decision making is all about.

He broke it into 3 categories and i’ll save you the blocks of text and write them in sub-headings. Hopefully this is easier to read.

  • The Sovereign will of God
  • The Revealed will of God
  • The Non-moral will of God

The Sovereign

This is not a will that we have any effect over. It is not one we get a say over. We either accept it or not.

You probably didn’t have a say over what family you will be born into. You also probably didn’t have a say over what day you will be born and you also can’t say what day or time you might leave this earth.

This will of God has since been established and settled. Long before we even realised it. God’s sovereign will for us is always of Good and not of evil, so don’t get scared or concerned that you don’t have a say over it.

The Revealed

The revealed will of God is the word of God. Everything in the word of God, interpreted as led by the Spirit of God is the will of God. Everything we could ever think or come across in this life is actually in that bible, so when we have similar situations, God would expect us to handle them according to how the bible tells us to, because handling it this way, will be walking in the will of God.

Theoretically, the revealed will is the most accessible cause it’s right there, Just pick up your bible.

The Non-moral

This one caught my attention squarely, and if I wanted to be honest, I probably paid attention to this part more than any other.

Questions such as:

“Should I pursue a masters  after graduation or get a job?”, “Should I marry this God-fearing woman I like or not?”, “Should I move closer to home or stay where I am?”

Are questions that fall in this category. They are not questions whos answers are right or wrong but left or right.

7 main points to note when dealing with such decisions

  • Biblically, men were not held guilty for left or right decisions
  • God gives us freedom to ACT! It is one of the features we get from being created in His image
  • Wise, godly counsel is very important when making such decisions
  • Do not be hasty, check your motives
  • If you have the Spirit of God in you, you need to listen to your heart sometimes, the Holy Spirit doesn’t stand screaming at us. He influences the inclinations of our hearts
  • Pray for divine providence
  • Once you have prayed and weighed your motives against the revealed will, ACT!

These are my notes from the message and I hope you’re edified as much as I was.

Decision making if that inevitable part of life that we cannot escape. The wise thing is to camp with the one who sees it all holistically and not in part like we do.


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