My Own Person

In High school, I read Tim LaHaye’s ‘why you act the way you do’, I read it again some time after graduation. It is a very comprehensive, thoroughly researched and informative book.

It helps individuals move slightly from the physicality of life and understand their persons and personalities which I have to say, is very crucial for any individual wanting to make meaningful impact.

Genuine impact comes from a place of complete understanding of ones self.

What that book does is explain in detail the 4 main personality types and further breaks each down to their strengths and weaknesses along with several other aspects.

He states clearly in the book that no one person is completely one personality, rather each person has one dominant personality trait which is true for most people.

There’s the Sanguine, Melancholic, Choleric and Phlegmatic . (Click the link to see summaries and reviews).

I’ll allow you go find that book to know more about your personality type which could inform you more about your person.

These 4 personalities create the balanced world we live in, if there was a deficit of one side, there could be chaos, so you find that the existence of all of us together creates beauty.

Each have their own strengths and weaknesses so we can be content in ourselves and reach out for help when in weakness.

If we look in the bible, its very easy to see perfectly the personalities of most of the characters. If you’ve read the book as often and as thoroughly as I have, you can decipher a persons personality from listening or reading their mode of communication.

Paul, for example, was a strong choleric and sanguine personality. He thrived most in leadership, he was also very vocal with any and everything and his strong will and motivation for things close to his heart could not be missed.

Silas on the other hand, was a perfect melancholic phlegmatic person. He was a lot more quiet and gentle, he was more intuitive and thought more indepthly about stuff. He was a structure guy, helping to put structure and clarity to things.

Paul and Silas served God in amazing capacities in their own unique personality. There was no question of “Am I thoughtful enough?” on the side of Paul or “Am I loud enough?”, on the side of Silas.

They both understood their person and used the strengths to the glory of God while relying on God in the cases of their weaknesses.

God made all those personalities, He knows exactly what He’s put in you and so you should not be battered at the thought and display of someone else’s strength. There’s beauty in everything God has made and while the world tries to exalt certain personalities above the other, we must remember that God’s ways and thoughts are higher than ours and so we must operate on His own wavelength.#

be yourself

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