God’s revelation of Himself to you?

Whats you personal relationship with God like? Asides church on Sundays, mid-week services and occasionally stumbling into conversations with people on God’s goodness, do you really enjoy the relationship and the intimacy of it?

There’s no point putting on a facade to appear like you do if you really don’t. I think God will be grateful if you came out clean and let Him know that it is a lot tougher than it should be enjoying the intimacy of being a christian, especially in this generation. If you truthfully don’t enjoy this faith-walk and see it more as a routine than an enjoyable relationship, God wants an appointment with you and I don’t think you should take that for granted.

Here’s why we must fully enjoy our relationship with God before we can attempt to showcase His love to the people around us.

A couple of weeks ago now, after my devotion, I had one of those moments where I wanted to do something grand for God, I mean I always want to be and do something grand, but occasionally, I sense a prompting some days that something really big will happen, and usually, something big happens. That morning was one of such days, so I was praying that God should make me sensitive to the person He wants to use me to bless today and “open my eyes and ears to see and hear the invincible and the inaudible”. (A prayer I think is always worth praying by the way). And as I was praying waiting for an answer, a simple sentence came to me that said “Today, I just want you to be to people who I am to you“.

Please feel free to re-read that sentence.

God was asking me to be to people who He is to me, That was the grand thing for that day and every other day really.

Now, God cannot tell you to be to people who He is to you if He is not anything to you yet, If your spiritual growth hasn’t got to a level that you can clearly state who God is to you, it calls for deeper levels of intimacy and relationship which God is always willing to have. The only reason I understand God’s reply to me to be to men who He is to me is because I know who He is to me. If I didn’t know, He can’t give me such an answer because that will be Him asking me to be someone I myself don’t even understand.

In a recent post, I wrote about how we cannot get tired of naming God. In the blog post, we named Him God, the bearer of my pain. Every name God has that we call Him now, was as a result of a revelation He was to someone at a particular time in their life. For example, after Abraham was provided with a ram when he was about to sacrifice Isaac, he called God Jehovah Jireh, meaning, The God that provides. When Hagar was met by an angel after she ran from Sarah’s house with little Ishmeal, after her encounter with the messenger of God, she called God El Roi, meaning The God who sees me. We name God who He is to us.

God keeps revealing Himself to us in intimacy and relationship that’s why we cannot run out of naming Him, but if we don’t have revelations of who He is, we cannot be to people what we have not experienced. God’s command that morning led me to a whole phase of deep searching with heavy tears because I tried to phantom how I could possibly be to humans who God is to me, and it seemed so deep because I know very deeply who God is to me.

Feel free to make this practical, I even strongly advice you do, get a paper, a journal, or your note and just scribble down who God is to you personally. Then read that and understand every function properly. Then, understand that God wants you to be those things to the people around you daily.


4 thoughts on “God’s revelation of Himself to you?

    • Fochwoman says:

      It means EVERYTHING!!! to me that you read and even engage with my blog posts. You’re my far-away mentor that I look up to in running my blog, your content, your mode of delivery and your knowledge on the things of God is so profound. Thanks for making my day and more and more grace to you!


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