Uncomfortable at Home

not enough

There’s been a consistency in the lessons I’ve been learning in this period of my life, but what I’ve seen is that it is not just for me, it is a mass-teaching by the Holy Spirit to all the saints in preparation for home.

Hey guys, lets get up-close and personal. I know there is a deep desire within each and everyone of us to make-it in this life, even before we get to heaven and while ‘making it’ does have a vary of meaning based on the individual, there exists some constants in everyone’s definition, some of which include happiness, peace, acceptance and true fulfilment in whatever we do.

So what happens is that, in a bid to achieve and accomplish these desires, in a bid to make our relevance known on this earth, we sometimes get distracted and forget that it is not as important as where we are headed and so even while we do exploits here for the kingdom and for One purpose, we cannot neglect the initial and most impactful call which is to do it all for His glory while also multiplying those in the kingdom.

I came across a post on Instagram and this is what it read “If you died and went to heaven today, chances are that you would not want to stay. Your life on earth has proven that God’s presence alone is not enough“.

Please do you have any idea what this means? Have you any clue the gravity that these words carry?

That we get to the habitat for which we were created but because we got used to the temporary habitat, we are unable to enjoy that for which we were made. That we get into the presence of the I Am, and yet still feel as though we’re not. Should this not scare us? should this not cause us to run to the feet of ABBA and just beg for a renewal of our hearts and mind? should this not push us to ask for an identity that is in tune with our real permanent habitat?

We’ve been so carried away with the ‘ideals’ of this world to the point where we forget that it is all so temporary and does not end here.

In the last few days I’ve seen God give various people the same message in a vary of ways. Reminding us not to get too comfortable to the point where we don’t enjoy the comfort of our real home.

How can we get to heaven and be strangers??? How can we get there and be learning the ropes of worship and prayer when all of this time has been devoted for it??? How can we get to heaven and be learning the songs of praise when we should have learnt it all here?

But no, we’ve been carried away by the ideals of the media in visuals and music. We’ve got so used to scientific knowledge to the point where we question revelation knowledge. We’ve accepted that there must be physical proof to validate a thing when God is the only proof received by faith that we really need.

God started my year with a deep hunger of a revival and He accompanied that hunger with a promise to fill us up. To prepare us and to equip us with all we need for home. Are we sleeping on His equipping? are we blinded by the world we don’t even see the revival? Have we been carried away by the ideals that we don’t even recognise the divine?

We cannot get home and be strangers. That would be tragic.

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