The true Daughters and Sons know…

There has never been a time in history where God has asked for His creation to prove themselves to be worthy of anything. God has never advertised Himself as one who blesses based on merit or performance, unfortunately, it is the nature of the world that we live in that we’ve successfully transferred also to our relationship with God.

We daily feel we have to perform or be validated in other to stand right with God and man and while studying on the life of Paul this morning, God was further opening my eyes to see how He never intended for us to think or be that way and so I began to ask how it came to this, where we got the desire to perform and He said that ‘it came when we decided to please ourselves and not Him‘.

Human beings we see and relate with everyday convinced us that we’ll have to perform to achieve a certain height or be accepted in a certain group and so we have that default setting wherever we go, even into the throne room of God and it is ironic because I was opened to see how the first thing God says when we come before Him is ‘My Daughter/Son, My righteousness, saved, redeemed, free and accepted‘. he can say this freely and without fear because when He looks upon us, all He sees is the Precious Blood of Jesus.

He says this to us almost immediately so we don’t feel a need to start with showing Him how we’ve performed so He can accept us.

I have an exercise I hope we could all key into. Every morning you wake up, even while still on the bed, confess to yourself that ‘I am God’s righteousness, accepted and validated by the blood of Jesus. God could not love me any more or any less than He already does‘.

This conditions our mind back to its original setting to come to the Father knowing that He loved us first and makes us all we are without a single need to perform for Him. Besides, only servants see a need to perform for their masters, so the masters could promote, reward or applaud them.

True sons and daughters, know that they are promoted, rewarded and applauded by their Father by just the fact that they’re their Fathers own. God’s faithfulness to His children is hinged on His nature alone and not what you can or cannot do.

my daddy

5 thoughts on “The true Daughters and Sons know…

  1. ruki says:

    Thanks rubs this post has helped me believe that my next goal is attainable without me loosing my soul to it,l.By Gods grace i am going to work becuase i know God gat me #no selfrighteousness

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