#WritingChallenge – A letter to someone I hurt

Really excited to start this 5 day #WritingChallenge with some of my blogger friends and despite the fact that it was one of those days where you’d really wish God would come down and give you a big hug and tell you “We’re going home now”, I promised myself that I would start and finish with everyone else so here’s the letter for #Day1. A letter to someone I hurt.

Hey C,

You’re probably going to see this cause I know you religiously follow the blog, don’t ask me how I know. I just do.

I know we’re over the past and we pretend like nothing ever happened but days when I allow my conscience throw tantrums, I’m reminded of that one day that I brought out the worst in you. The one day in my life I was the most immature and the one day that endeared you to me for life for the wrong reason.

It was suppose to be a joke, but obviously I pushed it too far and some days, I wish life would rewind just so I could properly apologise and be a mature person. God forbid that I would make any excuses as to my ill behaviour but I really was still very young, I was naive and even more, I was not surrendered to the Spirit of God in me, I was too busy thinking about myself that I didn’t notice how ‘a joke’ was going to turn so sour.

I pushed it, I really did and i’m still sorry, I know you’ve forgiven and I’ve forgiven me too, but as soon as I read ‘A letter to someone I hurt‘, you came to mind and I was not too shocked as to why.

Thanks for being the bigger person when I was young and foolish, thanks for not allowing my foolishness push you to folly too, thanks for not letting that one occurrence stop the beauty that our friendship has grown to and thanks for not using that to judge me the rest of my life.

I love you and for whatever it’s worth, I am sorry x

Dear readers ;

For the most part of our ill behaviours, we would get away with them, but for where we’re headed, it could become a stumbling block. Now is the time to apologise, now is the time to be the bigger person, now is the time to be truthful to yourself about the times when you yourself got it wrong.

God’ll be leading some of you to send apology messages or maybe it could even be a case of you forgiving your own-self for something you have done. However the call comes, please pick it.

On God’s side, yes, you’ve been forgiven, but on the side of the person and yourself, you’ve got a responsibility, to seek forgiveness and also to forgive yourself. Don’t find yourself pronouncing judgement over something God has long forgotten.

Restitute, forgive, give yourself another chance, move on. x


2 thoughts on “#WritingChallenge – A letter to someone I hurt

    • Fochwoman says:

      Hey Sarah!!, Oh pleaseeee, you don’t need blogger friends for this, join in with me, i’d love to see and read your letters please, I just stated it in my post cause a blogger friend reached out and said we do it together but i’m happy for people to join in on it!

      Looking forward to reading your letters x


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