#WritingChallenge – A letter to Yourself

I missed writing the #Day5 letter on Friday as I feared I would. Remember when Job declared that ‘that which I feared the most has come upon me‘?, It was such a case. I feared I would miss it and I really did.

Fear even stops you from doing that which you’re scared of doing. It is such a limiting spirit that we must attack as God empowers us to. Funny thing, God says three other spirits would be required to fight the spirit of fear. They are the spirit of love, the spirit of power and the spirit of a sound mind. This is how crippling fear can be, it actually requires 3 spirits combined to fight it.

However, this has nothing to do with the letter for today, I just thought to give you that little advice seeing as I’ve been a victim of it. For the last day, we are writing letters to ourselves, so here goes…

Dear Rubie,

My God! you have so grown, me and you know where we’ve been, we know how we’ve been changed and transformed.

Look how much we’ve learnt, how much of self has been dealt with and how much of flesh has been subdued.

I hardly get to tell you but I’m proud of you. The work of the Holy Spirit in you is evident and it is only so because of how you allow grace push you to yield.

Thanks for learning you, thanks for refusing to conform to the world, thanks for choosing to stand with the minority, you’ve taken us places by your total submission to God and really, it’s beautiful to watch.

As you go through the years, somedays you’ll wake up and the sun will seem like it was made to shine just for you, other days, not quite. Some days, it’ll appear all humans we’re commanded to align to your will and other day’s it’ll seem so hard to get by alongside other people. Some days, you’ll wake up and there’ll be abundance, more than enough, and other days, you’ll find that the need exceeds the abundance.

In either of these situations, I want you to remember that God remains good. I want you to be able to read this years from today when you’re in a totally different place and still agree with the statement that ‘God is good’.

Stay malleable in God’s hands. I know you like to know whats going on always and have control, but we’ve walked with God long enough to realise that He requests release!, release from all the things we’re holding unto and a call to just follow and obey. Let’s daily keep choosing the straight and narrow path, let’s daily keep denying self, picking up our cross and following Jesus. It would mean just one thing and that one thing is death to self, and we’re here for exactly that.

Heaven stays cheering you on. I myself stay praying for you and the world remains eager for your manifestation. God loves you and that’s all the fuel you’ll ever need to get up and get going each time.

Dear Readers;

A big part of life’s journey is a discovery of self. Everyday, people are on a quest to find themselves and as ironic as it sounds, numerous people have left the earth without a discovery of self.

I had my phase of identity crises, I had my years of doing what everyone else thought I should do and never what I knew I should do and through it all, I learnt that at every point in time, we’re conforming to something, whether or not we know it.

In responding to God’s call on my life, I also responded to a call to know Rubie. The real Rubie and that ended the quest of self discovery because as I know more of God, I learn more of Rubie. A popular saying goes; ‘Who know’s better the purpose of a thing than its creator?‘. Even with us, that statement rings true. No one, not even yourself can give you a full picture of your purpose, so it’s a call to please end the quest and chase and come find yourself in God.


I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the #WritingChallenge the last 5 days but like most good things, this has come to an end. Blogging on topics as led by the Holy Spirit resumes tomorrow and i’m excited all over again!

A million thanks to those who did this challenge with me and i’m super proud of you for those who stayed consistent! You’re the real stars! Let’s keep moving.

Stay Blessed!


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