#WritingChallenge – A letter to God

Hey People, hope you’re all good and had a great day! It is #Day4 of the Writing challenge and i’m excited for our letters today! It is to God.

My writing journey actually started in a similar way, I started writing letters to God when I first gave my life to Christ and it made me feel more connected in a really satisfying way, until I started to grow and He opened me to understanding that our communication didn’t always have to be in writing.

I don’t know about you but this is like writing a letter to your Father who knows every single detail about you and has still chosen to love you regardless with all the blemishes and all, so i’m really excited for this one! Looking forward to reading all your letters to God!

Dear God,

I have a million and one things to tell you and a million and one questions to ask, but like your word says to enter your presence with the password; thank you, even in writing, I choose to start by expressing my gratitude to you because without a doubt, you’ve been everything a Father should be and more.

Thank you for drawing me to you, thank you for looking out to the billions around the world and choosing Rubie, thank you for loving me with an everlasting love, thank you for calling me a chosen generation and royalty, thank you for bringing me to stand holy and righteous before you. Thank you for the privilege to wake every morning and be reminded by your Spirit in me that You love and take delight in me.

Thank you for validating me, thank you that I don’t seek human approval or desire it, thank you for indeed taking away my heart of stone and giving me your heart of flesh. It blows my mind to remember all that you gave for me to be here today and to have grown this much in you, so thank you.

Living for you in such a fallen world gets challenging sometimes, my self tries to rule some days, human beings get each other mad, nations are rising against themselves, the righteous aren’t exactly the most prosperous and the world you created rejects you like a plague. It hurts me to watch all of these unfold before me sometimes so I can only imagine how you feel looking at it all, up there.

I lie in my bed most days and just marvel at your love, marvel at what measure that could have amounted to your desire to die for people who cared nothing for you, I think about how you look in spite of our shortcomings and still choose to love us the way you do, some days it brings me to deep, hot tears and other days, I intentionally distract myself to think something else because I fear I might run mad.

Thank you for the avenues you’ve availed for us to see you other than through your Word, thank you for the way the sun literally caresses my face most days to wake me up when I leave my window open, thank you for the wonder of the sea and rivers that we look at, that brings an unusual kind of peace, thank you for the wonder of animals, particularly dogs, they’re one of my favourite of your creation. Thank you that we get to look at some humans and wonder how beautifully you’ve made them.

Look how i’ve found myself back at gratitude, because indeed you leave us in awe every single time we spare a thought your way. It’s why we never want our thoughts to leave you despite all the raging cares of this world.

Your hope and your joy are second to none, it isn’t always roses and smiles, but having you in our boat, honestly it feels like so. The days when we’re sure we should completely break down and crumble, you remind us that You’re the ever present help in the times of trouble. Thank you for being a safe place and space. That you’re never there to judge and condemn us is another character of you that leaves us in deep reverence.

I can go on and on, but surely this letter would have to end, but I just really want you to know that I cannot wait to get home, to be with you and to worship you for life. I cannot wait to stay at your feet and not be able to look up because of the wonder you are, I cannot wait to sit with you and hear all your plans for us through eternity!

Keep me in you, keep me focused on You, keep breaking me and refining me till you look at me and see You. Keep growing me, I know i’m a hand-full but I know you’re the handler of the hand fulls, so keep making Rubie into what you want her to be. Finally, I really want to die empty, I want to deliver all your deposits in me to this world, I want to be able to Look at you on the last day and smile into your eyes knowing I came back completely emptied. That’ll make me really happy, but You, even more.

The nations aren’t aware that they need you, but keep empowering us to be the reminder to these people even as you once were to us.

I’m actually crazy about you and I’m not ashamed to let the world know. Thank you for all that you are. I love you! This girl you saved loves you! Rubie loves you!


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