Where your Spirit and Body meet

In the last few days, the Holy Spirit has been echoing the same words to me, it is not something He will tell me for the first time, but for the season I am, I think it was pertinent that He reminds me more often. While on the message, I realised that numerous other believers need that reminder right now and I’ll attempt to convey it all in this post.

I got home from a meeting with friends a few days ago, I had been out the entire day as has been the case most days for the past few weeks and I lay in bed completely knackered.

I don’t know if your Spirit sometimes nudges you to spend time in prayer and/or worship, sometimes it just comes so strongly and my advice for when it comes is never to ignore it.

That night was a similar night, I felt it so strongly that God had released something to me and I needed to engage myself in prayer and worship to fully receive and understand it. However, I was so tired so I lay in bed, lazily reading through 1 Peter 2 as I was led to go to.

Half way in, I felt really drowsy and my reading had seized to be in-depth reading and had become glancing and scheming and as I attempted getting myself well awake to return to my in-depth reading, The Holy Spirit clearly said “You cannot give your Spirit a tired body“. That woke me up completely. I know we’re told often that we need to empower our Spirits with Gods word so that it is always strong enough to subdue the flesh, but because they are tripartite in nature, together with the soul, we can’t aim to nurture one and not the other because failure of one, could affect the functioning of the other.

A sick body will struggle to give God fully the worship due Him because a person is limited by that ailment. Same way, a fired up spirit that knows to pray and worship cannot do that well if all the energy is spent on every other thing but spiritual disciplines.

Remember also that part of acceptable worship is giving God the best, it was one of the things that differentiated Abel’s offering from that of Cain’s. Abel came with only the best for God, while Cain brought second best and we should know by now that God will never accept second best, His nature is too excellent to settle.

We go through all our daily activities, burn out all of our energy and come back and want to use the little energy-reserve to seek God? It could never work like that, because even with our time and energy, God seeks the best. We usually come up with the best excuses which seem so genuine to us, including work, stress or just responsibilities and we think they are good enough to excuse our fatigue when we get to the place of prayer.

All last week, the Holy Spirit kept reminding me this more often and this week, I’m being more intentional about giving my best to God, including the best of my energy. It is not only your career that requires your highest productivity. God requires it too, so please in all you do this week, Do not give your spirit a tired body.

Stressed fashion-designer thinking over new project


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