Revelation of Worship

I’ve been studying the book of Leviticus in the last few days, so abstract I know!, God has been teaching me on worship, fire and glory in the last few weeks so I was not shocked when I was led back to this book.

The book of Leviticus is a book in the bible that describes the ‘worship’ experience of the Isrealites in the time of Moses. It highlights God’s commands to them on how to atone for sins, who to enter the tabernacle to make the atonement and with what they should use to make atonement.

It is such a beautiful book to read especially when one has truly understood the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross. When you fully grasp this truth and go back to read the book of Leviticus, your heart is in a fixed state of awe and gratitude because it hits you all that Jesus saved us from, all that Jesus cleared just by hanging on the cross for us.

The book is packed, but one thing I could say that would give you a summary of the book is ‘There is no atonement of sin without the shedding of blood‘. Blood must be shed for sins to be atoned for. Leviticus shows us the source of the blood for the Israelites in the time of Moses, but with the death and resurrection of Jesus, we see that He came and became the sacrifice once and for all! Pheeww!

What blows my mind the most reading this book is reading it from the standpoint that we’re now the Priests, Sacrifice and Worshippers all at the same time. There’s no longer a demarcation of the roles, By Jesus death, we became kings and priests, we’re also called to offer our bodies as living sacrifices (Romans 12:1) and at the same time, we’re the worshippers making this offer in the Holy of Holies which is our body, being the temple of God (1 Corinthians 6:19)

Jesus death made worship so much more convenient but beyond that, more heart-felt and more intentional. Worship was also relieved of being mechanical and became more from a place of desire.

This got me more excited than I can express and the whole point of this post really is to open us to realise that worship is suppose to be what we desire more than anything, something we should crave even more than air. In worship, what we’re doing is offering ourselves as living sacrifices and at the same time invoking Gods presence in that atmosphere. While the Spirit of God is everywhere, to see His move, He requires a certain atmosphere which we’ve been empowered to create by just acts of worship. In worship, Gods fire comes down and burns out anything not of God and at the same time consumes us to burn even more for Him. After His fire comes and does its work, His glory then comes fully in that man, or that place.

I pray God opens us to a deeper revelation of what happens in the place of worship, I hope we move from seeing worship as just songs and singing to realising that we cannot worship without our minds hearts and bodies being the sacrifice.

In my moments of worship these days, all I find myself saying is ‘Jesus, just find me on the alter‘.



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