I want dove eyes so bad

In the last few weeks, I’ve been learning about these pretty birds called doves

I had to go learn about them when I decided to read the book of Song of Solomon and noticed how often the author likened his lover to doves and how it was referenced most to His lovers eyes. A perfect example is; “How beautiful are you my darling! Oh, how beautiful? Your eyes are like doves – Song of Solomon 1:15.” That’s like one instance in quite a number. So yes, I went to see why people of the bible, inspired by God, like lovers with dove eyes.

I made a shocking discovery and when I think about it, I’m still brought to tears. So unlike humans and most animals and birds, doves don’t have what we call ‘peripheral vision’. With us humans, we can be looking at something in front of us but still be able to see the things at our right and left, so we kinda have a 45 degree view to our left and our right, no matter where we stand and what we look at. Some animals have it as well, which explains why during hunting, hunters best bet is usually to attack or shoot from behind or aim completely out of sight cause once you’re within their peripheral vision, they’ll run.

It’s how you think it’s some magic that you can feel eyes on you sometimes, but it’s no magic really, you’ve got peripheral vision and your brain is picking it up that eyes to your left or right are on you so you look up, trying to locate where the stare is coming from.

But you see, doves don’t have this peripheral vision, so when they focus on something, it’s the only thing they can see. They can’t see any other thing no matter how close it is, to their left or to their right.

God loves a lover with dove eyes because such a lover has eyes for just Him. They’re only able to see Him and Him alone, no matter the things competing for their attention, their focus is completely on the only thing their eyes can see in the time.

This is why the author of Songs of Solomon kept referencing his lover with eyes as dove.

For life, you do need eyes like dove, that you put your eye on one person, one thing, one goal and go all the way with it. It’s my new prayer to always have eyes as doves, I want my lover to look at me and see that I’ve got dove-like eyes, for Him and Him alone.

Who knew doves were so interesting?


5 thoughts on “I want dove eyes so bad

    • Fochwoman says:

      Hi Meghan, I knowwww, this was me during the study too! I’m always blown away at how God used/uses His creation to point us back to Him, it is always the most beautiful thing each time I find out something profound like this. But the biggest realisation is how we humans, the created too should reveal our creator!! Thanks for reading and engaging x

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