“But there is a Spirit in man”

My catch phrase for the last couple of weeks has been ‘But there is a Spirit in man‘, Its been ringing in my head like I cannot explain and for the longest, I thought I fully grasped it, but I needed more time to allow it unfold in my Spirit, I even alerted my whatsapp contacts that it would drop last week, but obviously, even then, It was not ready to come out.

I think it is human to sometimes acknowledge weakness in areas, for some people, it becomes a weakness that you’re only able to see the weakness in yourself, so while it might be human, the extreme becomes what we call ‘self-doubt’ or ‘low-self esteem’, neither of which is good.

Still on weaknesses, you find that people settle quickly in ‘I am human’, which honestly is accurate, we really are human, we’re quick to excuse ourselves and dismiss bad behaviours and occurrences with the fact that we are human and for years, and even till now, it works fine for us, it is the benefit of doubt that is always available to use if all else fails.

But a conversation with a friend revealed to me that we might be living below a certain ‘glory zone’, the glory zone is a phrase described in Bob Sorge’s Secret of the secret place. It is basically that level of living that Jesus Christ died to give us access to.

After Jesus died, He raised us to ‘The glory zone’, not ‘a’ glory zone. ‘The’. There’s only one glory zone which is with the Father in heavenly places. Fact remains that our humanity by its nature is a hindrance to this zone and God knew it, so what did He do? He put A Spirit in man. Man no longer lived by himself, but with the fullness of a Spirit within Him, which IS the presence of God that empowers beyond the human ability.

So each time, when we are confronted with issues and circumstances of life that demand that our humanity speaks and takes centre stage, The Spirit in man is there to overcome humanity and operate in the glory zone, as it should be! Hallelujahhhhhhh.

As believers, our humanity is never an excuse, it is rather, a testimony of our crossover from the realm of the flesh to the realm of the Spirit. So these days, when I think to myself i am tired, the Spirit is telling me “But there is a Spirit in you“, when I tell myself I should revenge, the Spirit is saying “But there is a Spirit in you“, when I tell myself I cannot continue, He goes again “But there is a Spirit in you“.

It is a constant daily reminder that we must stay conscious of because our human nature is in default mode, but with time, we move completely to operating in that glory zone.

Every time I hear a friend complain or mumble about anything these days, that is my cue to remind them that “in spite of how you feel, there is a Spirit within you that enables you even further”.

There’s an enabling power that we must always use to fight our human nature. This enabling power shifts your mind from your ability to Gods ability and we know that With God, nothing is impossible.


11 thoughts on ““But there is a Spirit in man”

  1. Kosiso says:

    Wow. Amazinggggggggggggggggggg! There is a spirit in me. Officially borrowed from you. I’mma use it to combat all the human excuses that come off. And the laziness streaks too. Thank you! 🤗🤗

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