Focus on the stick and water

We learn from Moses in the bible that God can deliver what we ask for from the seeming mundane and normal thing in our hand. God does not always introduce something new, sometimes He opens our eyes to see the new in what we already have. It has taught me contentment and made me more sensitive because when I pray and make petitions, I don’t limit God to how the answer might come because I know that He’s not limited to where my mind thinks an answer might come.

I was reading of Jesus first miracle this morning, His miracle of turning water to wine at the wedding at Cana. Again, the Holy Spirit reminded me of same principle, how He had the monopoly to miraculously cause wine to appear or at least provide the funds for it, but rather, He decided to make use of what was available to provide the needed unavailable. The water was used to bring the wine.

There is a tendency to get blind to the things and people closest to us in anticipation of something greater, but like Moses and the guests at the wedding, just maybe God wants to open your eyes to see newly so you can identify the blessing of whatever situation, or the solution to the problem you have had for the longest time.

I read once in an article on DesiringGod that ‘it is the most beautiful thing that God is unchanging and yet stays surprising us‘. This is accurate because we grow daily to see different sides of Him. He gives us same ability, to see different sides of situations and people when the previous side we saw was not favourable or convenient.

I have come to a place where I am asking for more grace to see as God does before seeking solution because a simple perspective change could be the solution. Like Moses, I’m paying more attention to the stick in my hand and like the wedding guests, I’m not despising the water but looking to see what it could be if I was humble and trusting enough to allow God change my perspective.

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