God with a hero syndrome?

I listen to some messages and read some interpretations of scriptures and I get concerned because I see Abba subtly painted as a God who has a hero complex and needs opportunities to be proven.

Roaming to and fro the heavens and earth, seeking opportunities to be a hero in a story, almost like He permits evil so He can have opportunity to be good.

While I don’t fully understand it, it’s excusable because I believe the fall of man tainted everything including our minds. We didn’t operate and think at the same level of wholeness or purity as Adam did in the garden, it’s why there’s a renewal of mind that must happen after salvation, because the mind, up to that point must have entertained untrue, substandard and impure thoughts that paints the world a certain way and makes God the villain without us ever saying it this directly.

But guys, God didn’t need subjects to be king, He’s never required evil for good to prevail, it was not the initial plan that there will be divine orchestration, the initial plan was the only divine orchestration of creation but after the fall, God continues to divinely orchestrate situations to still bring out good.

God bringing out good from evil is not for an applause or to prove His deity to us, it’s all borne from love to see us triumph in-spite of the fallen world.

When we say that God wants to take the glory through or lives and situations or that we desire He makes a name for Himself through our lives, it is not recognising a glory-hungry God who needs approval, but acknowledging our predetermined stance as vessels God created to bring Him glory.

When Jesus said that the stones will cry out if we the disciples don’t, it wasn’t a threat, it was the reality that the created of any creator will always seek to worship and adore the creator and if one decides to rebel, there’s another created literally dying to do exactly that.

It’s the innate desire of every creation to show off and testify of its creator, but we won’t wilfully accept this because the fallen world will have us believe it’s our life and we can do whatever despite being a result of another’s thought.

Gods aseity is one I’m getting more conversant with these days. I’m recognising more and more how enough and sufficient God is in Himself and how so privileged I am to be the vessel through which He can take glory because it will always be privilege for the lesser to give to the greater.

I hope this idea of God doesn’t make you uncomfortable because if it does, it’s time to confront those fallen parts of your mind and empower it with the true nature of God which paints Him as all sufficient, which He is.

We’re most blessed that He chose to love us by working out all things for our good.

This shouldn’t prompt you to see God as a task master but if you did see Him as a taskmaster, let it be the taskmaster that has chosen to love you.

We’re actually the blessed and privileged ones, God isn’t suffering a hero complex. He’s already sat in heaven, with a crown on His head, no greater hero.

St Augustine said once that “God judged it better to bring good out of evil than to suffer no evil to exist”.

I don’t know about you but I’m more than fine with that because a Good God judged this.

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