Story, Story

While on placement in 2018, my manager and I got talking about a renown woman in power who had misrepresented her people to a point where people were using her to judge the entire female gender which definitely wasn’t right, but had grown to become an unconscious human response when female leaders were incompetent in any capacity.

My manager told me in that meeting that “it is better to not be represented than to be misrepresented” and it sounds so cliché, until one weekend God said the exact same thing to me but in a different way. He said “I would rather people think I don’t have power than to give my power to those who will abuse it”.

People put their endorsements on people they can vouch for. It does not change with God, whoever represents Him carries His name and nature and how they judge the person is how they ultimately judge Him.

It’s why I’m so careful, with how I live my life and also how I speak of people who are called of God because there is a great risk knowing who backs them up.

We remain God’s placards and signages here on earth and people will often use us to judge the entire Christian population and subsequently God Himself, until they know better than to use sweeping generalisations across a whole range of people.

God is so jealous of His identity that He will rather we thought He had no power than for His power to be abused by people who have not been made by Him.

So I hope that this week we remember that we represent someone greater and that we get to inform and shape the thoughts and minds of how people view God just by our daily living.

I want to tell God’s story well in my living.

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2 thoughts on “Story, Story

    • Fochwoman says:

      Feels like such a responsibility sometimes, not gonna lie.
      But I’m reminded that “there is a Spirit in man”, and Gods Spirit in us empowers us to live that life we ordinarily wouldn’t be able to live without His spirit 💪🏽

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